Anti-choicers in AZ Legislature reach a sick new low

23 Feb 2017 05:31 pm
Posted by: Donna


“Sentimentality is the superstructure erected upon brutality.” Carl Jung

Opinions differ on how that Jung quote should be interpreted but I do think a fitting one is how brutal people swathe their intentions in maudlin sentimentality, perhaps as much to fool themselves as others.

Watch it work with Sen. Debbie Lesko (R-Peoria), as she defends a “born alive fetus” bill, one that cruelly overrides the interests of patients, who may be in utterly gut-wrenching pregnancy dilemmas, and supplants the expertise of doctors with anti-choice hokum. (Warning: video autoplays)

Sen. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria, in tears, told Saunders she didn’t understand her argument.

“If a baby is lying there and is alive…,” she said. “No matter if you are pro life or not pro life, letting a baby die just doesn’t seem acceptable to me.”

Lesko was joined by her colleague Sen. Steve Smith (R-Pinal Co.), himself an abortion-obsessive type, in characterizing the bill as compassionate and somehow an area of compromise for the opposing sides on abortion:

“It’s unfortunate that you need a law like this,” Smith, R-Maricopa, said. “But if ever there is common ground somewhere, I would sure hope this is it. We’re not talking about the legality of abortion. We’re talking about if the baby survives and is moving and breathing on its own.”…

…”My only intent is to save any baby that might be dying,”

Like I said, Smith is a big time anti-choicer so, no, that’s really not his only intent. But you knew that.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Liu, a pediatrician who supports the bill, sadly suggests patients refusing heroic measures to save premature infants might be child abusers.

“Kids at 22 to 26 weeks, a remarkable percentage of them do very well,” he said.

And just because a baby may be unwanted is not a reason not to try to save its life, he said.

“We work very, very hard in trying to keep children alive,” he said. “Some children aren’t wanted, maybe they’ve been abused. But just because they aren’t wanted doesn’t mean we stop trying.”

Not to be left out, here’s Sen. Nancy Barto (R-N.Phoenix), also a well-known anti-choice zealot, weighing in:

“I think of the mom who maybe has chosen to terminate and her baby is born alive and she sees there’s a heartbeat and there’s a change in her heart to want to see that baby live,” she said. “I think there are many circumstances where that might happen. Why should we stand in the way?”

Lo, the true tragedy is how poor Barto’s hand has been forced by all these heartless women out there who wait until 25 weeks to abort for no good reason.

Center for Arizona Policy’s Cathi Herrod, who initially claimed the bill was only directed at abortion procedures and not planned pregnancies gone awry, changed her tune on that because babies:

“It still goes to the point where they are delivered alive. You call in the neonatologist and you give appropriate care.

“Let’s give them every appropriate means to give them a chance of life,”

Note that none of the people quoted in support of this bill express any sympathy toward the women involved. There’s simply no penetrating the thick shell of contrived sentimentality for the “unborn” and no possibility of a frank discussion of what a measure such as this could mean for the women on whom it is proposed.

Many of their supporters, on the other hand, don’t bother acting maudlin about it, as demonstrated by this comment to the AZ Republic piece:

I freely admit that I support any legal measure that will help to limit and someday abolish abortion in Arizona. Go get em Center for AZ Policy and Steve Smith! Killing babies is NOT the solution to any social problem.

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