Arizona don’t need no education.

22 Nov 2008 02:11 pm
Posted by: Donna

I’m at the Democratic State Committee meeting in Tucson, listening to the very intelligent and likable Rep. Steve Farley give us the Legislative update. 

It ain’t pretty.  Steve tells us that the committees have been reorganized and now neither the Senate nor House has a Higher Education committee anymore.   Yeah, because it’s not like college education is anything elected officials should concern themselves with, nor is it important or anything.  The former K-12 committee in the House is now the Educational Accountability something or other  – I didn’t catch the title in its full Orwellian glory but you can be sure it’s all about vouchers and defunding the public schools.  

There is no longer a Transportation committee in the Senate.   What, you thought we had issues with transportation here too?   Please.   Never you mind about such trifles as why you’re stuck in a traffic jam on I-10 at one in the afternoon or why Johnny and Susie can’t read, the AZ GOP is on top of the most pressing issue facing humanity today:

The gays. 

Oh sure, you might have thought the Gay Agenda suffered a major defeat with the passage of Prop 102, but you’ve obviously forgotten that there are pockets of Arizona where LGBT folks haven’t been completely relegated to second-class status.  The teeth gnashing and garment rending of the Family Values crowd will not cease until the job is done.   You might recall that one of Gov. Napolitano’s first acts was to issue an executive order granting benefits to same-sex partners of state employees.   Per the recent Yellow Sheet, wannabe Governor Brewer has announced her intention to rescind that order.  

Great.  Thank goodness somebody has their priorities straight.  /sarcasm


  1. Comment by Steve Rivero-Lowen on November 22, 2008 9:27 pm

    One positive note for those concerned about democratic ideals, and fairplay was the defeat of Mary Manross, presently Mayor of Scottsdale. She ran for a third term and was soundly defeated, a repeat of the Spring vote, that still resulted in a Fall re-match.
    She is beholder to several special interest groups and influence peddlers. High on that list are local churches, many new to Scottsdale within the past six years. These churches, and their smarmy leaders lead a campaign to back our ‘Marriage Proposition’. These are the worst toads hiding behind a ‘family value’ standard. What they do not get, is that, as most of us realize-there are no standard families.
    Arizona has always had a reputation as a backwater, and we persist in fixating this to the outside world.
    There can be no letup of networking human, and humane values…otherwise we risk becoming second class citizens with no return.

  2. Comment by wat on November 23, 2008 2:37 pm

    So, on what planet is being defeated by 500 votes considered “sound?”

    I keep asking people I meet from Scottsdale who voted for Lane why they voted for him if they like and enjoy the arts, culture, and nightlife in downtown Scottsdale and would be open to light rail in five or six years.

    Their answers, invariably, are, “?????,” and, “I got caught by a speed enforcement camera.”

    And srsly, there was not one damn mention of Manross’s stance on 102 or her work with Scottsdale’s faith community. I can’t even figure out how a person would come to the conclusion that it effected the race at all.

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