As usual, Joe Arpaio demonstrates that no one gets between him and the camera.

09 Mar 2009 01:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

There really oughtta be a picture of him aside the word ‘narcissist’ in every dictionary.  

MSNBC did a report on Charles Barkley’s 3 day stint in Tent City, and sure enough, in the footage of the tracksuit clad former basketball star lumbering about the yard of the facility, there did appear the combover’d pate of Maricopa County’s attention-hungry strutting popinjay of a Sheriff, surrounded by his posse of pasty goons.  In a phone interview with Norah O’Donnell he made it clear that this was all about him, Joe Arpaio.  He and Barkley are friends, ya know.  Barkley endorsed both his (to use the term very loosely) books.   Arpaio was straining so hard to make sure that he eclipsed Barkley in the story he must have pulled something.  O’Donnell was clearly delighted to be playing enabler to Arpaio’s addiction to being a D list celebrity.

But seriously, how is it even POSSIBLE to be a bigger blowhard than Charles Barkley??!?

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