Attention Arizona candidates!

03 Jun 2010 11:25 pm
Posted by: Donna

They’re called Homemakers for America and they’re launching the Abigail Adams Project!

Women, are you longing for the days when you couldn’t vote or own property uh, wait, a Union based on the “common goal of preserving the founding principles and values America was founded on”?

These Homemakers are just the ticket for you! They want us ladies to be informed, really. They even invoke Abigail Adams from a letter to her husband in 1776 to tell us so!

If we mean to have Heroes, Statesmen and Philosophers, we should have learned women.

Power behind the throne and all. I’m going to assume they’ve never read anything by Mary Wollenstonecraft or George Eliot.

Candidates, they want you to fill out their questionnaire. Don’t worry, Democrats, because it’s super non-partisan.

Homemakers for America is teaming up with As A Mom and several other organizations including Tea Party, Liberty, and 9-12 Groups to coordinate efforts and provide the tens of thousands of volunteers needed to carry out the project in time for the 2010 General Election.


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  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on June 4, 2010 8:53 am

    Ooops,first linky to Wiki is dead end.

    Maybe this?

    Or here? Who ‘s Kimberly Fletcher?

    (not sure my second linky will work. or the the first. ahem)


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