AZ GOP sues to remove Dem Mine Inspector candidate from ballot. Because he doesn’t go to the same cocktail mixers Brett Mecum does.

14 Jun 2010 10:36 am
Posted by: Donna

Or maybe Brett thinks elections are a never-ending fraternity pledge drive.

I found out today that the reason the AZ GOP is suing to take Manny Cruz off the ballot is not because of insufficient valid signatures (Cruz turned in well over the minimum) but because Executive Director Mecum “asked around” about Manny. No one in Brett’s circle of lobbyists and social climbers knew of Manny Cruz so, naturally, he must be some unqualified interloper.

These are the qualifications for State Mine Inspector, per Arizona Revised Statutes:

The state mine inspector shall be a resident of this state at least two years before election, not under thirty years of age, and shall have been practically engaged in, and acquainted with, mines and mining in this state, and shall have had at least four years’ experience in underground mining and three additional years in either underground mining, smelting, open pit mining, or experience in any industry under the jurisdiction of the state mine inspector.

Here is what Cruz’ campaign website says about his experience:

He moved to Connecticut in the early 90s and attended the Austin Powder Blasting Academy to become an Explosives Engineer where he was also a Miner and Safety Director. He moved back to Arizona and continued his career as an Explosives Engineer.

Manny claims 15 years of mining experience and I’m assuming that he spent the requisite number of years in underground mining and associated industries to satisfy the statutory qualifications. Oddly enough, there’s nothing there about putting in time schmoozing with the political in-crowd of Arizona.

I love those occasions when they drop the faux populist pose and reveal what snotty elitists they really are.


  1. Comment by Craig on June 14, 2010 7:44 pm

    Donna –

    “Lobbyists”? “Social climbers”??

    I think you grossly misunderestimate good ol’ Brett.

    I think he was talking about asking the people in traffic school or whatever classes they send creepy would-be stalkers to to rehabilitate their images.

    Oh wait – I forgot. We’re in Arizona.

    GOP state EDs don’t answer for driving well over 100 in a 65. Nor do they answer for using voter registration records to chase down a woman.

    Never mind.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on June 15, 2010 3:08 pm

    No one in Brett’s circle of lobbyists and social climbers knew of Manny Cruz
    Besides which he’s one of…. ‘them”!
    Don’t get me wrong little lady (ducks! swoosh!) we have plenty of
    highspanics at our GOP meet and greets..”Yo Hayzuse, dose sirvaysus poor fayvor! Har,harhar!
    Besides, why spoil a well grease…(cough) oiled machine?

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