AZ Rep. David Stringer thinks teachers have it too easy

09 Mar 2017 02:14 pm
Posted by: Donna

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I saw a text message this afternoon by someone who was at the monthly Arizona Business and Education Coalition luncheon at the State Capitol. According to the attendee, Rep. David Stringer (R-Yavapai County) addressed the group (which includes many educators) and told them that it doesn’t take a certain skill set to be a teacher and that teaching itself is an easy part-time job with two months off per year. (That is from the text so obviously a paraphrase.)

UPDATE: Here is the redacted text.

redacted abec

This is not an uncommon view among conservatives pursuing their quest to “reform” public education. Some have even attempted scientific justifications for underpaying teachers, claiming people (read:women) who choose the profession do so because they are less intelligent.

While it’s certain much of the right wing war on public education is driven by money and the desire to push their ideology on impressionable young minds, a large factor is still plain old sexism. They, and frankly too many people who are not so right wing, view teaching as care work done primarily by women on behalf of children, therefore work that women should just be doing free or for as close to it as possible.

At any rate, Rep. Stringer can be reached at (602) 926-4838 if you’d like some clarification on that remark.

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  1. Comment by james michael day on March 10, 2017 11:07 pm

    Sorry..the comment about teachers is a poor example for someone entrusted to governing our state…if you are an example of a good Republican…I just jumped ship…I hope Prescott dumps you.

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