Bad ideas Part III.

27 Mar 2009 09:56 pm
Posted by: Donna

Tonight’s installment of craptastic examples of Arizona conservatives trying to “think” concerns education.    It’s been obvious for some time that the rabid extreme fringe of the AZ GOP is deeply, deeply concerned with dismantling public education the state of public education.   So it’s not surprising that a good number of the 57 ideas that come under the heading of education have a decidedly more ideological wishful thinking rather than fiscal cast to them.  Case in point is the very second item on the list.  As astute commenter Marie pointed out yesterday, piddly little considerations like the state constitution or law are no impediment to their quixotic agenda.  She was referring to the way they blithely ignored the warnings of House Rules attorney and pushed ahead with vouchers anyway, which were overturned in court the other day.  Keep that in mind when you read this:

If we win ELL case, how much do we save by de-funding?

How much would we save if you stopped paying Ken Starr a buttload of money to defend your sorry asses and just followed the judge’s order in the first place?  See what I mean?   It’s not really about money.   Numerous studies have concluded that all day kindergarten is a boon for education outcomes but here’s what local GOP legislators (who think any kindergarten is an excuse for uppity women to escape the confines of the house) have to say about it:

Scrap All Day K

Give Schools the option of “suspending” all-day-K during recession with the ability to charge for other half

Early Kindergarten Program – only pay for K once

They have it out for teachers even worse than for kindergartners (and their uppity mothers).

Uncover K-12 teachers temporarily so districts can hire/fire who they want

Suspend tenure policies for professors

Require all professors to teach classes

Tenure should not apply in economic crisis

Do away with continued education requirements for 3 years

Prohibit districts from paying subs when teachers do voluntary cont. ed or for political activity. Teachers must pay for sub!

Require webinars for continued education. No subs for continued education

Most of the rest of the ideas are regurgitations of the kind of micro-managing bullcrap they’ve tried to push on the schools for years, only this time they’re using current economic conditions to pretend it’s extra urgent. Not much that would save a significant amount of money in the short term. Well, except this one:

Cut education back to 2006 levels, and backfill with Stimulus $.

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  1. Comment by Tucson Vice on March 31, 2009 1:20 pm

    Teachers pay for subs?? WTF??

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