Beggars borrow

16 Feb 2009 11:44 am
Posted by: Donna

The Arizona Guardian, is the nascent internet publication that came along just in time to replace the now-defunct AZ Politicker, the previous attempt to offer an online alternative to the meager political coverage offered by the monopolized news media in Arizona.   I got on the Guardian’s list for email digests and today’s offering was a couple short pieces on Obama’s Wednesday visit and Gov. Brewer’s views on the stimulus package and state budget crisis, followed by a blurb about the ADEQ being under siege.  The final article in the digest was from an anonymous columnist called The Guardian Angel:

Angel road trip: Feb. 16

No room on the bus: Paul Sensemen. This trip is for locals only. Jan Brewer’s main mouthpiece told the GA that Brewer wants to focus on the local media in the high country. That means no seat on the plane for this Chafed Cherub or any of the other Saintly Scribes in the Capitol Press Corps. That likely means the Brew Crew won’t be annoyed by the tough questions she’s successfully avoided so far. Like what she’s willing to cut or keep in the 2010 budget? Is she even going to propose her own budget? Does she really support a 1-cent sales tax increase? And what are her legislative priorities? Here’s hoping the Brewer team, which during transition has had an uncanny resemblance to the administration of former Guv Fife Symington, will take up the Fifester’s tradition of reserving a seat on his plane for the press corps.

Show me the money: The Winged One will be the first to acknowledge that our new governor is in a tight spot. A member of the Party Faithful, Brewer rarely misses a GOP function and her lengthy political career has been aided by her close ties with Republican party activists and the GOP congressional delegation. So what happens when a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress dangle $3 billion or so when the state is in a hole deeper than Joe Hart’s John McCain and Jon Kyl, have been among the loudest and most visible opponents of the bajillion-dollar stimulus package. Jeepers, what a pickle for Brewer. So it was a heavenly moment this week when the governor’s flak confirmed what she’s supposedly said before — though not loud enough so that anyone who pays attention to this stuff was quite sure. That Brewer does, indeed, want the fed stim money and has a “team” of staff members poring over “huge amounts of data” to grab Arizona’s fair share. The Angel is glad that’s settled. So the question becomes: When will the Legislature start work on a bill to put back the millions it just took from CPS, child care, welfare, domestic violence victims, the disabled, seniors and the homeless? Time will tell.

I tried to get some clue about who this “chafed cherub” might be, since the writing style looks rather familiar, but I came up against a demand to buy a subcription.

1 Months Professional

$150 per month professional subscription includes complete access to all Guardian content, premium material, daily email and text message updates.

1 Months Non-Profit Professional

$120 per month – a 20% savings for non-profit professionals.

1 Months Individual

$30 per month individual subscription with article access to non-premium material. To have unrestricted access to all content, please upgrade to a professional subscription.

Either Steven Lemons is doing double duty as a milder-mannered muckraker for the Guardian – like a Superego to his own Id – or someone else is doing a pale imitation of his schtick.  Look, I want to support alternative political reportage online and I’m not necessarily opposed to being charged for content but is a little originality, or at least more artful stealing, too much to ask? 


  1. Comment by Katie on February 16, 2009 11:04 pm

    The Guardian reporters are all former Tribune reporters – Gilbin, Welch and two women. And Bob Grossfeld is the publisher.

  2. Comment by Katie on February 16, 2009 11:04 pm

    Really, how awful is it that I don’t know the women’s names???

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