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06 Jul 2016 02:33 am
Posted by: Donna

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Center for Arizona Policy, the state’s foremost organization dedicated to meddling in your personal life, led by its President Cathi Herrod, has suffered some stinging defeats lately. Same-sex marriage is now legal in the entire country, thanks to last year’s Supreme Court decision. Antiabortion laws based on flimsy “women’s health” rationales are being toppled, due to a SCOTUS ruling announced last Monday.

It’s a hard time right now for puritanical busybodies. In perhaps a last grasp at relevance, CAP has inserted itself into the debate over legal recreational marijuana:

Arizonans Are Smarter Than the Marijuana Monopoly

Those Who Stand To Make Millions Off Pot-Laced Candy & Amped-Up Marijuana Underestimate Commonsense

PHOENIX – A couple hundred thousand signatures and the Million-dollar Marijuana Monopoly thinks it’s a done deal. Arizonans will be toking by year’s end and they, themselves, will be rolling in the dough. Not so fast says Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod, “When voters learn the devastating consequences of legalizing recreational pot they won’t be so easily deceived by those trying to make a buck at society’s expense.”

For example, when gathering the signatures, the collectors probably didn’t tell voters a few things. Such as:

The only ones who will make money are the folks behind the big push. The dispensaries are monopolized.
Half the pot sold in Colorado is in the form of candy – gummy bears and lollipops spiked with ten times the THC as an average joint. Children in Colorado are ending up in the ER for accidentally and innocently overdosing.
Pot shops will pop up all over town. Within two years after legalizing marijuana in Colorado, pot shops now outnumber, Starbucks, liquor stores, and public schools.

Any money the state makes off legalizing pot will be outpaced by added expenses due to increased traffic accidents, workplace accidents, crime, rehab, needed regulation, and huge increases in accidental overdoses when kids mistake pot-laced candy for the real thing.

The marijuana monopoly likes to downplay the drug, stating it’s safer than alcohol and doesn’t hurt anyone. But Herrod calls that a dangerous deception, “This isn’t the kind of pot they smoked at Woodstock. Today’s marijuana is at least five times stronger. Even the DEA lists marijuana in the same category as heroin, LSD, and meth. Are we going to legalize them too?” Herrod continued, “It has been proven, more people use marijuana when it is legal. That’s why Colorado is now the number one state for marijuana use. Arizona shouldn’t compete for that title.”

The marijuana monopoly probably did tell voters a few things when collecting all of those signatures. They tout regulation, revenue, elimination of the drug cartel, and black markets. But the truth is:

Alcohol and tobacco are also regulated and kids still get them both. Prescription drugs are regulated, and also highly abused. If regulation is supposed to also keep pot out of the hands of children, why are they putting it in candy?
The only people who make money off pot for pleasure are the monopolized dispensary owners.
The black market in Colorado thrives, supplying other states where it is illegal. Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed lawsuits against CO because their jails are being overwhelmed by smugglers getting caught crossing the border.

Herrod concluded, “Arizonans are smart. The commonsense conclusion they will reach – once they get the facts – is that amped-up pot and pot-laced candy are dangerous for our kids, detrimental to our society and way of life, and cost a whole lot more than they offer. The best way to keep Arizona’s youth safe is to keep marijuana illegal.”


One can go line-by-line in that screed, and rebut or debunk all of it. But what I find to be more pertinent is the pure desperation of CAP and Cathi Herrod. They’re so anxious to win something this year that they’ll put their fussbudget fun-stealing faces on an effort that is not well-served by them doing that. In other words, if the legal MJ initiative on this year’s ballot fails, I’m fairly certain it won’t be because so many voters were motivated to vote against it by Arizona’s preeminent Church Lady clucking her tongue over “pot for pleasure”.

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  1. Comment by Phoenix Justice on July 9, 2016 11:55 am

    Cathi Herrod really needs to get a life. I don’t partake, but I believe in the legalization of marijuana.

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