Bob Robb scolds “both sides” for “behaving badly” without mentioning the actual bad behavior of certain people

18 Jul 2014 04:29 pm
Posted by: Donna

Quoth Bob Robb:

In the debate over what to do about juvenile illegal immigrants from Central America, both sides are behaving badly.

I agree with some of the policy points in Bob Robb’s column on the Honduran refugee children situation but he’s talking about policy and not behavior. Now, I’m the last person to lecture people on their tone or tell them not to protest something they oppose vigorously. There’s a difference between protesting and being a menacing bully, though, and the latter is what anti-immigrant activists have been doing. And to children, no less. Some right wing pundits and Republican politicians are busily spinning blatant lies about them, such as that they’re “bringing diseases” and are, or will grow up to be, violent gang members. Robb makes no mention of all that but does chide Democrats for not working with the Republicans.

Rather than fighting the law change Republicans are pushing, Democrats should develop and try to attach to it the refugee program they think appropriate.

Yeah, that’ll totally work. You can always trust Republicans to be reasonable when you give them a bunch of stuff that they said they wanted. Both sides!

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