Calling all Independents

20 Aug 2018 08:38 pm
Posted by: Krista

Hey, Independents! This message is for you!

Our Democratic Candidates are craving your vote right now, like really craving it. They’ve got these win numbers they need to hit to make it out of the Primary alive, and you’re one way for them to get it.

Typical Independent Voter: But how can I vote in the Democratic primary if I’m a registered Independent?

So glad you asked! Independent Voters can specify which ballot they want to vote on without changing their party. For example, any Independent can go to their polling place and ask for a Democratic ballot, vote the Democratic ballot, and remain an Independent. Nothing on their registration changes. (NOTE: This option is not available during the Presidential Preference Primary).

If you’re in Maricopa County, simply head to a Vote Center to vote early, or on election day (August 28, 2018), head to a Vote Center or your assigned polling place (info here: to vote. If you’re outside Maricopa County, look up your county election info for more info. Always remember to bring valid ID. I’m sure that’s listed on your county election website, too.

If you’re a poll voter like me, see you at the polls!


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