Can you please not, The Left, with this?

05 Jul 2016 02:51 am
Posted by: Donna

I have spent years, YEARS, objecting to this particular “both sides” formulation. There is no “Tea Party of the left”, I have insisted, given how there is an actual Tea Party caucus in the Congress and in state legislatures, which is actually shutting down the government and denying Medicaid to millions of Americans. While I’m not wrong about that, Jennifer who tweeted the above is right. This Presidential election has really brought out an element of the left that behaves disturbingly similarly to the teabaggers.

And I don’t mean in a mirror image way, where they’re being the opposite of them, fiercely pushing for awesome progressive economic/social policies against the regressive ones proffered by Paul Ryan. No, I mean, being like them in a much more fundamental way. Dr. Stein and her followers, which include a whole bunch disgruntled Sanders supporters, have blithely skipped over the entire Bush/Cheney era like it never happened, which is standard practice of Republicans since, oh about Katrina or so. I can understand why the Green Party Presidential candidate is doing this. Don’t want to remind people of the 2000 election, do you, Dr. Stein? I just can’t grok why other lefties are also acting like the Aughts were an uninteresting blur.

Elections happened between “the Clintons” and “Trump”, and those elections had consequences: Bush tax cuts, 9-11, the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, the Katrina response, anti-gay initiatives, anti-choice and abstinence-only sex ed policies, blind eye to imminent housing collapse, etc.

Following the Bush era, the election of Barack Obama saw a backlash against him that was eye-popping in its ferocity. I remember checking out one of the first Tea Party events in Phoenix in 2009, walking around seeing the signs featuring President Obama with a bone through his nose and asking the all-important “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” question and I remember thinking, “this probably isn’t about the banks”. That Birther movement proved to be pretty resilient, and quite helpful to the lucrative careers of both Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio.

Democrats were decimated in the midterms of 2010 and 2014, mainly by an older, white electorate, and I’m fairly certain “the Clintons” never entered into the minds of the people who voted, or didn’t, in them. I can’t understand how some people on the left have been caught up in a wave of stupid 90s nostalgia to the extent that they cannot, or refuse, to see how Donald Trump came to prominence in 2016.

It was about race, and you can admit that, fellow lefties. There’s no need to draw up elaborate excuses about free trade deals and neoliberal machinations. Unless there is a reason, of your own, that you need to do that. And if there is, can you please not?

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