CAP is at it again with a heinous anti-choice bill

03 Mar 2014 11:24 pm
Posted by: Donna

Fresh on the heels of their embarrassing defeat with SB1062, comes the Center for Arizona Policy with HB2284, which would allow surprise inspections of abortion clinics and impose criminal penalties on anyone who is not the parent or guardian of a minor who assists her in getting an abortion.

Democrats and progressive orgs plan a response, similar to the SB1062 one:

As long as the legislature is still in session, none of us are safe from Cathi Herrod, the Center for Arizona Policy, and other aligned organizations. Fresh from losing the battle against legalized discrimination, they now want the government to meddle in women’s healthcare with surprise inspections of clinics that provide healthcare and abortion services. This law is intended to frighten women out of utilizing these healthcare resources–as well as frighten clinicians & doctors out of offering these services. This bill, if passed into law, would be unconstitutional, illegal, and drastically misaligned with the priorities of Arizonans.

We must keep fighting for what is right: our dignity, privacy–and our freedom.


1) Share this event with ALL of your contacts.
2) Join the presser on the Capitol lawn at 1 PM.
3) Call Speaker Tobin at (602) 926-5172 or email him at to voice your opposition to this bill.
4) Fire up Brewer’s phone lines again at: (602) 542-4331.


I emceed a pro-choice event this past Saturday and pointed out to the crowd how business leaders rarely, if ever, intervene in anti-choice bills as they did with SB1062, which had broader implications. So an anti-choice bill is harder to kill but it can still be done and drawing as much public attention to these bad anti-woman bills as possible and making it known (loudly) who is responsible for them is crucial.

Gail Collins, whom I disagreed with a few days ago over Arizona and public election financing, followed up with another column about Arizona with which I agree on the premise and the conclusion.

The biggest difference between the fortunes of gay rights and abortion rights, however, is that politicians who vote to limit women’s rights to control their own bodies know that, for the most part, they’re only hurting poor people.

Low-income women are five times as likely to have an unintended pregnancy as their most affluent sisters. And the lawmakers who busy themselves throwing up barriers to abortion in their own states realize, deep in their hearts, that if their middle-class constituents want to end a pregnancy, they can get on a plane and go where it’s easy to take care of the problem.

That’s exactly right but I would add to it by reiterating that right wing legislators are able to get away with their savage attacks on poor women thanks to our culture’s massive hang-up over female sexuality, and poor women have literally no escape route from them.

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