Top Two Primary is back, with twice the magical thinking.

Photo: Arizona Capitol Times As promised, the brain trust of Arizona centrist business establishment types (country club Republicans and corporate Dems) that failed to pass Prop 121 in 2012 plan to return with a slightly altered version of it in 2016. Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, who led the campaign for Proposition 121 and is […]

So many people with much disposable income want to spend it on behalf of white supremacists

Remember how we’ve been told, lo these many years, that the reason for all the “extremism” in Congress and in state governments is that unwashed yokels wrested democracy from the capable hands of Serious Business People™ and were somehow able to put their petty culture war concerns ahead of The Very Important Things That Serious […]

Where to help Manny Cruz’ family with the funeral expenses.

As many of y’all know, we lost a beloved member of the Dem/progressive AZ family on Monday morning, when Manny Cruz passed away after battling cancer. Manny came into our lives in 2010 when he ran for State Mine Inspector on a platform of securing the multiple abandoned mines dotting Arizona so that no more […]

Clean Elections could not possibly have caused SB1062

This FiveThrirtyEight piece has been getting passed around by both opponents of Clean Elections operating in bad faith and by well-meaning people who think it’s legitimate because it’s on Nate Silver’s site. In 2010, Arizona enacted an immigration law so stringent that the U.S. Supreme Court was forced to intervene. Four years later, the governor […]

They’re none of our Business

The AZ Republic’s Sunday oped was exultant over the business community possibly “getting its mojo back” due to things like the SB1062 veto and the large contributions that Republicans who went with the Medicaid expansion are getting. Needless to say, they’d have you believe none of what is wrong with Arizona can ever be laid […]

Should Justin Johnson have gotten the Planned Parenthood endorsement?

Planned Parenthood AZ often endorses more than one candidate for the same office and in the Phoenix City Council District 4 race they had several pro-choice candidates to choose from in that heavily Democratic district. They endorsed three: Laura Pastor, David Lujan, and Justin Johnson. They gave three others – Austin Head, Jeffrey Brown, and […]

Moderate Republican Arizona State Senators voting ever so moderately

I keep being told there are some Republicans in the Arizona legislature who are so gosh darn nice and reasonable and moderate deep down inside. They really, honesty, truly want to do well by the people of Arizona! But they are forced – forced! – to vote badly by the evil menace of Grover Norquist […]

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