Ducey’s appoints notorious anti-public education figure to AZ Supreme Court

Yawn… You've become so predictable it's not even fun to read you anymore… 😴 https://t.co/YU7qHysWeK — Daniel Scarpinato (@Scarpinato) January 6, 2016 Governor Ducey’s spokesman, responding to an EJ Montini column critical of his appointment of Clint Bolick to the AZ Supreme Court. Ugh, what a week. My brain is so crowded with things to […]

GOP chair paints Top Two Primary and anti-Dark Money initiatives as the work of dirty hippies

Robert Graham Per AZGOP Chair Robert Graham in the AZ Capitol Times: The Arizona Capitol Times recently reported the same people behind the failed jungle primary initiative in 2012 plan on taking another run at it in 2016. Only this time jungle primary supporters intend to team up with another group of liberals pushing an […]

Democratic voters sit out yet another off-year election. Let’s examine why.

This is getting old. Tuesday was election day across the nation and Democrats performed poorly, yet again, as they have tended to do the past several elections that are not Presidential general ones. The reason for it is obvious: low turnout, averaging about 30% nationwide. The explanations behind that reason that liberals will come up […]

Anatomy of the “both sides do it” strategy

At long last, it appears that the Birther conspiracy is enough of an embarrassment to the GOP that they are not only dropping what seemed to be an official position of tacit tolerance, if not encouragement of it. Republicans are now actively distancing themselves from it and the way you can tell for certain they […]

AZ GOP wants Dems to return Planned Parenthood contributions because of course they do.

Per Miriam Wasser in Tuesday’s New Times: The Republican Party of Maricopa County is calling on four Democratic Arizona politicians to “return every penny” of the cumulative $45,000 in campaign contributions they received from Planned Parenthood in the last few years, and to “publicly rebuke fellow Democrats” for asking the Department of Justice to investigate […]

Respectability and Baltimore

Much has been said about the protests in Baltimore following the death in police custody of 25 year old Freddie Gray and, of course, much of it is centered on how black people should better themselves so as to avoid deadly confrontations with the police and discrimination in general. You know the drill: Pull your […]

Top Two Primary is back, with twice the magical thinking.

Photo: Arizona Capitol Times As promised, the brain trust of Arizona centrist business establishment types (country club Republicans and corporate Dems) that failed to pass Prop 121 in 2012 plan to return with a slightly altered version of it in 2016. Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, who led the campaign for Proposition 121 and is […]

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