McSally announces Senate bid, fails to condemn Trump’s racism, still wants you to think she’s cool

As I’ve mentioned lo these many times about Arizona Republicans, there is a highly successful subset of them who, despite their obvious lack of interest in competent governance of any kind, are impressively adept at what is known to political junkies as “working the refs” or “manipulating mainstream pundits”. Martha McSally is one such Republican, […]

Yours truly won the New Times Best Liberal Blog award, for being rabidly partisan!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this, given that I’ve tangled with NT writers a time or two: She is liberal, hear her roar. Local lefty firebrand Donna Gratehouse is an unrepentant Democrat and feminist in a state dominated by Republicans hell-bent on doing everything they can to restrict women’s reproductive rights as well as […]

Where to help Manny Cruz’ family with the funeral expenses.

As many of y’all know, we lost a beloved member of the Dem/progressive AZ family on Monday morning, when Manny Cruz passed away after battling cancer. Manny came into our lives in 2010 when he ran for State Mine Inspector on a platform of securing the multiple abandoned mines dotting Arizona so that no more […]

“Pro-life” site calls upon readers to harass and intimidate a Yuma bar and grill

I often joke that I read so you don’t have to but I think a lot more people should read the site so they could see how anti-choicers talk among themselves. It only takes a few articles of their daily digest to make it abundantly clear that anti-choicers can scarcely conceal their bitter disappointment […]

CAP is at it again with a heinous anti-choice bill

Fresh on the heels of their embarrassing defeat with SB1062, comes the Center for Arizona Policy with HB2284, which would allow surprise inspections of abortion clinics and impose criminal penalties on anyone who is not the parent or guardian of a minor who assists her in getting an abortion. Democrats and progressive orgs plan a […]

We really dodged a bullet there

So Brewer vetoed the very bad no good Center for Arizona Policy bill, with the attention of the world on her, and of course we must all contact her and thank her, for Republicans must be praised effusively like good doggies who haven’t soiled the rug on those rare occasions they do the right thing. […]

Sad day for voter suppression in Arizona

I’ve been off blogging for nearly a week and for a very good reason, as I’ve been spending much of my time helping to organize and verify petitions (pats self on back) for the referendum to overturn HB2305, an omnibus bill designed to attack access to the ballot by non-Republicans. At 2pm today, representatives from […]

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