Best spokeperson legal pot advocates could hope for!

Center for Arizona Policy, the state’s foremost organization dedicated to meddling in your personal life, led by its President Cathi Herrod, has suffered some stinging defeats lately. Same-sex marriage is now legal in the entire country, thanks to last year’s Supreme Court decision. Antiabortion laws based on flimsy “women’s health” rationales are being toppled, due […]

Cathi Herrod’s very bad, no good week continues!

Cathi Herrod, who heads the execrable Religious Right organization the Center for Arizona Policy, is a bigoted and contemptible human being, as we all know. But I have to say that I’ve always had a sort of grudging respect for her ability to remain resolute and unruffled even in the face of enormous amounts of […]

Cathi Herrod’s very bad, no good Monday

Dangerous ruling for women. SCOTUS wrong to strike down common- sense abortion law. — Cathi Herrod (@cathiherrod) June 27, 2016 Oh, Cathi Herrod and Center for AZ Policy, never change! Here is CAP’s statement on Monday’s 5-3 SCOTUS decision invalidating a 2013 Texas law that placed onerous restrictions on abortion providers, under the laughably transparent […]

Fundamentalist Christians using the Orlando massacre to sell their own brand of bigotry

If there’s anyone who should definitely just be keeping their yaps shut right now, it would be conservative Christians but, no. Quoth Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod in the Phoenix Business Journal: “The terrorist attack on fellow Americans Sunday morning was an unspeakable tragedy and we pray for the families who are mourning […]

Center for AZ Policy couldn’t resist getting that last dig in at poor women. Which will only increase the number of abortions.

Nope, still not about “saving babies” File this under News That Should Surprise No One. It turns out that restrictions on abortion, which are more often than not criminal ones that target women for prosecution (despite the insistence of anti-choicers that they never, ever will do that!), do not actually reduce the rate of abortion […]

From conception to birth only!

One of the most telling comments I got to a post on this blog was one from a then-frequent troll, “Alan”, about then-Governor Jan Brewer cutting funding to the Medicaid organ transplant program under the guise of the recession. The cuts to the program left several patients who were on the waiting list and days […]

Anti-choicers want dead fetuses to supersede live women

Until people quit murdering their children, abolitionists should go everywhere! — Devan Lindsey (@DevanL3791) January 15, 2016 Some of them really do earnestly describe themselves as “abolitionists” and, yes, they do want to treat “suspicious” miscarriages as murder. The Arizona Legislature is in session and, as sure as the sun rises in the east, […]

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