Beware anti-choicers’ calls for “common ground”

A Handmaid’s Tale is not a dystopic novel to them, it’s a how-to manual AZ Republic‘s Alia Rau reported last Thursday on SB1367, the lastest “born alive” anti-choice bill: Maureen Williams testified that the bill would have changed the final minutes she had with her daughter, Zoe. At 23 weeks pregnant, she said, she learned […]

Get the fake news out of the real news too!

The more we process the election, the larger a role I think Facebook played in it. Not just the fake news, but the way people interact. — Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) November 15, 2016 In the sad and confusing days following the election of Donald Trump (gag) to President, I noticed a narrative was emerging among […]

How I helped “steal” California for Hillary Clinton

Joanna Castle Miller’s post on the shyness of Hillary Clinton supporters has gone viral: The point in the last paragraph about no obvious support for Clinton on social media also describes the basis upon which I’ve seen people posit that she must be stealing the election. “I don’t know anyone who supports her!”, declares more […]

Anti-choicers continue to hound Phoenix clinic, with Channel 12’s help

While many anti-choicers still keep up the thin pretense in public that they don’t wish to punish women for abortion, they have never made any bones about their intention to go after doctors who perform abortions via legislation targeting them and smear campaigns. Sadly, they’ve gotten gullible (or possibly sympathetic, I can’t really tell at […]

Bernie and (some of) his supporters have become my dad.

Yes, this (now former) Facebook friend threatened to murder super delegates My father was a man whose default setting was bitter and his temper, when he lost it completely, was hot-fire explosive. Growing up in his household was not fun, as you might imagine. One thing I learned about my dad early in life, out […]

Channel 12 simply can’t say no to anti-choice goose chase

Nothing inflammatory here! Last month there was a big buzz in the local anti-choice rumor mill about a “born alive abortion” that had allegedly occurred at a Phoenix clinic. I reported on the absurdity of the whole allegation at that time and how the MSM ought not allow themselves to be played by wild-eyed anti-abortion […]

Sanders supporters continue to make the incredible claim that Clinton “stole” Arizona primary

Protester: Hillary Clinton has "cheated in every primary, in every caucus. She is a cheat, a fraud." — Dan Merica (@danmericaCNN) April 16, 2016 Hillary somehow cheated in every primary, in every caucus. Okay. Many Bernies supports-not one HR supporter had their party mysteriously changed here in Az. Corrupt Clinton machine — Lynn4Bernie […]

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