“Alt Schools fiasco” for Ducey, Republican legislators? Maybe we can make it so!

.@LaurieRoberts: Arizona's leaders just failed Arizona's schools with school-voucher expansion https://t.co/K971KV5Vbp via @azcentral — YvonneWingettSanchez (@yvonnewingett) April 7, 2017 When you’ve lost Laurie Roberts. Big tip of the hat to my sweetie Mark for using the phrase “alt-schools fiasco” to describe the expansion of vouchers Governor Ducey just signed into law. PHOENIX — Gov. Doug […]

I have some questions for Robert Robb on vouchers!

Not an actual photo of AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb As an expansion of vouchers makes its way to an AZ Senate vote Thursday, Bob Robb has questions for opponents of the bill that I’m sure he came up with entirely on his own and not via talking points brainstormed up in a Goldwater Institute […]

Watch conservative media try to mold Doug Ducey into the anti-Trump

Do you think these two want most people in Arizona to enjoy liberty? I don’t. George Will’s syndicated column from Saturday is a regurgitation of the same inane pap that comes up every year or so where some conservative visits Arizona (or possibly doesn’t even bother to come here, just makes a phone call or […]

Arizona is being groomed for the eradication of income tax

Steven Slivinski, from handout Doug Ducey ran on the promise of eliminating Arizona’s income tax in 2014. It wasn’t taken seriously by most political observers and the candidate himself walked his proposal back and characterized it as an aspiration when pressed on how it was possible to implement it. “No one’s talking about eliminating the […]

Ducey didn’t run on his budget? Oh geez, Bob Robb.

Not AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb, but a funny photo of a Bob Robb Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb is very peeved by the budget that our new snowbird Governor has signed: Ducey did not run on the specifics of this or any other budget. During the campaign, he avoided specifics as though they were […]

“Civics” means never asking the government you support with your taxes for anything

Any civic education course of study must embed a strong component of independence rather than dependence on government. #AZED #azright — Sonoran Alliance (@sonoranalliance) January 15, 2015 AZ Governor Doug Ducey announced, at his State of the State speech on Tuesday, that he would push for a new, high-stakes statewide civics test in the public […]

Randy Kendrick will have none of your guff on dark money, peons!

Photo: Arizona Republic Terry Goddard has made “dark money” the signature issue of his Secretary of State campaign and Arizona news people are raising the alarm over millions of anonymously raised dollars being poured into races from Governor down to the state legislature. Charles and David Koch are the source of much of this money […]

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