Why has Shawnna Bolick removed her previous employment with Rick Santorum from her campaign website?

Y u no wanna namecheck me anymore Shawnna? AZ Representative Dr. Eric Meyer (D-28) sent out a statement calling on his Republican opponent Shawnna Bolick to denounce Russell Pearce for his recent comments extolling forced sterilization of poor women. Pearce had proudly endorsed Bolick, even going so far as to recommend single-shotting her. Bolick responded […]

The NOT Tom Horne candidate appears to be worse than Tom Horne

This is a photo I took off NOT Tom Horne’s campaign website a few months ago. Not sure why they chopped off the top off his head. Mark Brnovich, AKA the NOT Tom Horne Republican candidate for AZ Attorney General is a Goldwater Institute and Tea Party guy who filed to run against Tom Horne […]

That Shawnna Bolick sure seems to have her priorities in order

I met Shawnna Bolick two years ago when we were on a Channel 12 panel to discuss Ann Romney’s upcoming speech to the the 2012 RNC Convention. The topic was, naturally, how women perceived the Romney campaign. At one point during the segment, Bolick looked me right in the eye and pointedly informed me, anchor […]

The “Managerial Republican” is mostly a fantasy

I will say that Ronald Brownstein’s recent column in the National Journal is a bit better than what we’ve been getting lately from the hordes of DC pundits attempting to analyze Arizona. In particular, I liked this bit at the end: After Arizona’s tax revenues plummeted with the housing market collapse, Brewer backed a temporary […]

They’re none of our Business

The AZ Republic’s Sunday oped was exultant over the business community possibly “getting its mojo back” due to things like the SB1062 veto and the large contributions that Republicans who went with the Medicaid expansion are getting. Needless to say, they’d have you believe none of what is wrong with Arizona can ever be laid […]

Espresso Pundit’s concern is duly noted

Commenter “Robert” alerted me to an “in-depth analysis” of Friday’s court decision dismissing the anti-Medicaid expansion lawsuit by Arizona’s Own Espresso Pundit. EP warns liberals like myself not to be too sanguine about the judge’s ruling that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing. Be Carefull(sic) What you Wish For…. …The lefty blogs are gloating that a […]

Maricopa County judge tells anti-Medicaid expansion litigants to pound sand.

No standing. That’s the verdict of Maricopa County Superior Court to the whiny cast of idiots suing the state to block the Medicaid expansion. Judge Katherine Cooper handily dispatched with all their baseless arguments. In short, Plaintiffs are a minority group within the Legislature who lost a battle over H.B. 2010. They do not claim […]

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