Yours truly won the New Times Best Liberal Blog award, for being rabidly partisan!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this, given that I’ve tangled with NT writers a time or two: She is liberal, hear her roar. Local lefty firebrand Donna Gratehouse is an unrepentant Democrat and feminist in a state dominated by Republicans hell-bent on doing everything they can to restrict women’s reproductive rights as well as […]

Voting third party is worse than throwing your vote away

Don’t blow your vote on this cheeseball! Photo: Gary Johnson’s website On the way down to do phonebanking early Wednesday evening I was half-listening to “All The Fresh American Things Considered” or whatever on NPR when they began a segment about young, disaffected voters considering voting third party. They spoke to two former Sanders primary […]

The problem is Republicans, not our political system

When you vote for a Republican, up or down ballot, this is the kind of utter crap you're risking. — HawaiiDelilah (@HawaiiDelilah) August 9, 2016 Word. The above tweet is about as good an explanation as it gets for why I don’t vote for any Republicans. And Trump surrogates are not the only people […]

Cathi Herrod’s very bad, no good week continues!

Cathi Herrod, who heads the execrable Religious Right organization the Center for Arizona Policy, is a bigoted and contemptible human being, as we all know. But I have to say that I’ve always had a sort of grudging respect for her ability to remain resolute and unruffled even in the face of enormous amounts of […]

Read this now about the Second Amendment!

Bigotry and Bullets: How White Male Privilege is Literally Killing Us via @docrocktex26 — Propane Jane (@docrocktex26) June 15, 2016 Read every bit of this Storify stream of tweets. So that when you get that catch in your throat, where you feel like you have to nod your head and agree with the frothing […]

Fundamentalist Christians using the Orlando massacre to sell their own brand of bigotry

If there’s anyone who should definitely just be keeping their yaps shut right now, it would be conservative Christians but, no. Quoth Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod in the Phoenix Business Journal: “The terrorist attack on fellow Americans Sunday morning was an unspeakable tragedy and we pray for the families who are mourning […]

AZ Democratic caucus acting like a damn opposition party! Yay!

AZ Sen. Barbara McGuire The Arizona legislative session began last week and, as has been the case for most of the past decade or five, the Democrats are in the minority. If you pay attention to the doings at 1700 W. Washington St. you know that being the opposition party means that Democratic lawmakers, armed […]

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