Hard to call something “terrorism” when so many people seem to agree with the perpetrator

@jaketapper Why did he kill a cop and innocent people. He killed no one at PP. Why? Because he is a lunatic! — Nels (@debitking) December 9, 2015 In case you were unaware, shortly after the Planned Parenthood attack there was a committed effort by right wingers to deny the shooter was even targeting a […]

They can dish it out but can’t take it

If there’s one thing as constant as the sun rising over the Arizona desert every morning it is that Arizona conservatives love to rag on California. Since I moved here close to twenty years ago I’ve been hearing right wingers characterize California as the epitome of every bad liberal thing imaginable. If you are a […]

MSM bias toward anti-choicers needs to stop.

Don't blame GOP as much as I do the media for #PlannedParenthood shooting. It was the media that gave the GOP a microphone for their lies — SportsGirl101 (@Arianna8927) November 29, 2015 I blame both for contributing to the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting but SportsGirl101 does make an excellent point about the mainstream media’s complicity […]

It’s nice in the privileged bubble

Good story about our great state! https://t.co/brfhzhknco — Doug Ducey (@dougducey) October 26, 2015 Governor Ducey (or someone on his staff), in a manner consistent with the forced sunnily optimistic tone of his administration, praised this story in the Weekly Standard about a couple from the East Coast, author and neoconservative think tank associate Cita […]

For Democrats, it seems the 1980s are (finally!) over

I love Michael J. Fox but good riddance to this cat. Stipulation: This post is about perception and the perspective of one person, namely yours truly. You may have experienced the debate differently. You may not have the same feeling about the ’80s that I do. It may have been your heyday. Or maybe you […]

Former AZ GOP Chair wants to disarm African-Americans. Guess who else supposedly did?

If there were any lingering doubt that all the posturing about the Second Amendment and “liberty” that right wingers do is mainly about white people having unfettered access to guns so as to menace everyone else, let this tweet by “CEO, http://WageWatch.com ; Goettl Good Guys Board; Treasurer, AZHFA; Former Treasurer, RNC; Former Chair, AZGOP; […]

Right wing blame for everything but guns for mass gun murders has an appalling subtext

Legitimate candidate saying perfectly reasonable things, in a news studio Since last week’s massacre at a community in Oregon, right wing pundits and GOP Presidential candidates have been out in full force explaining why it happened. Naturally, “too easy availability of guns” does not figure as a cause in these all too frequent heinous acts […]

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