White Arizonans will show us who they are this election

Only redeeming feature of Trump's candidacy is that it shows you who people are, for good or for ill. This is great. https://t.co/YQQNqFQ3Ue — Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) November 7, 2016 Fucking trolls took the blog down again a few weeks ago so I was unable to post until now. Which turned out to be okay […]

Trump is not the working class hero that many of his supporters and pundits insist he is

The blog was down for several days but thankfully our delightful adminis-tress has gotten it working again in time for me to say a few things about Trump’s allegedly presidential and pivotal day trip to Mexico and his later speech (in which he etch-a-sketched any pretense of a pivot) in Phoenix on Wednesday. First, on […]

Moment of truth time for Arizona

Former AZ Governor Jan Brewer, quoted in The Hill: Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) this week called Hillary Clinton a “lying killer” and insisted her state wouldn’t vote for the Democrat in November’s presidential election. “The people want a fighter. They’re tired of the lying killer, uh, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons of the […]

Man, when I’m right, I am right!

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana The Indiana Assembly passed, and Governor Mike Pence signed, a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” similar to Arizona’s SB1062 from last year, which was vetoed by then-Governor Jan Brewer under the threat of more boycotts of a state still reeling from boycotts sparked by anti-immigrant SB1070 in 2010. I mostly agree […]

Ducey’s “incremental” pursuit of Brownback’s policy is still a load of hooey

Kimber Lanning, founder and executive director of Local First Arizona, delivered a fairly thorough smackdown to Robert Robb’s AZ Republic column whining that the Buy Local movement is a bunch of hooey. Republic columnist Robert Robb is tired of hearing about the “buy local” movement and would like Arizonans to turn a blind eye to […]

Fascism has come to America and it is wrapped in slut-shaming

With the election coming soon I didn’t have time to address this shocking story out of Gilbert: Apparently, in 2012, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signed into a law a measure that requires public schools to present child birth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion. What’s wrong with that? In Gilbert, the honors […]

Gov. Brewer’s top adviser slams CAP mailers

HighGround, of course, is the political consulting firm run by Chuck Coughlin, who is widely known as Governor Jan Brewer’s top adviser. Here is HighGround’s blog engaging in some rather scathing criticism of the Center for Arizona Policy and their legislative endorsements. When it comes to CAP however, if you are in the womb, you […]

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