Last night went fairly well

There were a surprising number of very important elections going on around the country for an off year, including right here in Phoenix where we elected two kickass progressive Democratic women, Laura Pastor and Kate Gallego, to the City Council. Yay! Gallego’s landslide victory in 8 was expected but most observers in the days prior […]

Tuesday was “Ladies, Republicans hate you” day.

So there was a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military. And Senator Jeff Sessions(R-AL) was there, blaming rape on porn. “We live in a culture that’s awash in sexual activity,” he said. Sexual images, he said, are sold on bases or off base but nearby. “It creates some problems, I think.” Remember that […]

They get buyer’s remorse but keep on buying it

The AZ Democratic Party is sending out an email crowing about Sen. Jeff Flake’s rock bottom approval ratings after his shameful and two-faced vote to obstruct the Manchin-Toomey gun background checks bill. Senator Jeff Flake is the poster boy for a “Lemon Law” in American Politics! In just four short months, the venerable Mr. Flake […]

North Carolina provides a cautionary tale about “centrist” mayors

(Sorry for the lack of posts all last week. Just needed a break.) I came across this interesting press release from the North Carolina Democratic Party about their current Republican Governor Pat McCrory. McCrory: Moderate No More RALEIGH, NC—NYT Poll Analyst and data guru, Nate Silver, is out with some damning figures that erase the […]

But he seemed so nice at that interview!

Count EJ Montini as disappointed at Senator Jeff Flake’s votes against background checks and tighter restrictions on straw purchasers of firearms yesterday. Victims lost. Lobbyists won. And one of our senators helped. Sen. Jeff Flake has proven himself to be a skilled teacher in the art of compromise when it comes to immigration reform. It’s […]

Anti-choice politics and rape culture

Like many observers of the Steubenville rape case, I was heartened by the guilty verdict (the disgusting claim by the defense attorneys that the victim was consenting because she had not “affirmatively” said no failed) and dismayed by the insensitivity and outright cruelty some people have shown toward the victim. CNN correspondents Candy Crowley and […]

Unpacking the election

As in 2008, last night was a bittersweet night for Arizona progressives. A Presidential victory and good Senate race outcome nationwide but not so much here. Let’s take on some of the bitter first: Dr. Rich Carmona’s loss to Congressman Jeff Flake wasn’t surprising since he was behind in the polls, but it was a […]

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