Pro-choice IS the moderate position

mod·er·ate (mdr-t) adj. 1. Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: a moderate price. 2. Not violent or subject to extremes; mild or calm; temperate: a moderate climate. 3. a. Of medium or average quantity or extent. b. Of limited or average quality; mediocre. 4. Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially […]

To no one’s surprise, the Republic endorses Jeff Flake

Oh brother. Impending “fiscal cliffs.” Unprecedented national debt. Trillion-dollar annual deficits. These are the great issues of our day, like it or not. We cannot wish them away. About their resolution, the nation has two choices: We can do nothing (or too little) and let the consequences roll over us as they are now in […]

War on women? What war on women?

Okay, so I watched both the livestreamed AZ Republic editorial board interview of Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake and the Horizon forum featuring the Senatorial candidates on Channel 8. Apparently, there’s some rule that a preponderance of every debate in a federal race has to be devoted to twaddling over the deficit and government spending. […]

Jeff Flake’s lame and insecure attacks on Richard Carmona

Senate candidate Jeff Flake, who went on a survivalist vacation in 2009 to demonstrate to everyone what a manly man he is (with survival-ly beefcake photos he took of himself to prove it), seems to have a serious case of bio envy of his opponent, Dr. Richard Carmona. Carmona has a c.v. that includes combat […]

If you’re going to insist they’re “moderate” it would be nice if they were, you know, moderate

Back in 2011 when Mesa businessman Jerry Lewis was recruited to run against then Senate President Russell Pearce in the recall race for then LD18, he was generally described as a “conservative Republican” but nicer and not virulently anti-immigrant. Democrats were discouraged from running in the recall and the Democrat who did file was exposed […]

Jeff Flake’s campaign is basically calling the election for Obama

Why else would they create a Twitter account accusing Dr. Richard Carmona of being a “rubberstamp” for President Obama? Either someone forgot to tell them this isn’t a mid-term but a Presidential year or they simply aren’t very confident in Mitt Romney’s chances. Speaking of which, is Flake going to distance himself from Romney’s 47% […]

Jeff Flake is not a nice person

Jeff Flake may win in November, largely on the strength of being perceived as moderate by many people outside of Arizona’s conservative political circles. Flake is frequently reviled among righties as a RINO, yet he received the overwhelming majority of votes in the GOP primary against Wil Cardon. That was because Republican primary voters know […]

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