Time to admit it: Trying to get immigration reform from Republicans is a waste of time

When Eric Cantor lost his primary Tuesday night, and his position as House Majority Leader, a lot of liberals were exultant because why the hell shouldn’t we be? It was comical watching the whole thing unfold, since the Cantor camp had been assured of a 30 point victory by their own advisers. And Eric Cantor […]

Tuesday was “Ladies, Republicans hate you” day.

So there was a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military. And Senator Jeff Sessions(R-AL) was there, blaming rape on porn. “We live in a culture that’s awash in sexual activity,” he said. Sexual images, he said, are sold on bases or off base but nearby. “It creates some problems, I think.” Remember that […]

Actually, Wes Harris, it was Debbie Lesko who opened the door to Sharia Law

Wow. Some folks in AZ are very upset with John McCain because he defended Secretary of State Clinton aide Huma Abedin from crazy lady Michele Bachmann’s accusations that Abedin is in cahoots with “Islamic enemies of America”. Per the Capitol Times: Harris said he believes Muslims’ loyalty to the U.S. is questionable because their ultimate […]

A reminder that telling them to step it down a notch right now isn’t the same as telling them to moderate their position

Sen. John McCain is telling the AZ lege to slow their roll on HB2625, the No Slut Pills Unless Your Boss Approves Bill. The GOP-sponsored bill, which would put some women in the uncomfortable position of having to explain to their boss why they use birth control, already passed in the state House of Representatives […]

It’s so lame when politicians politicize the border

President Obama visited El Paso, TX to give a speech on the border and immigration today. This caused our Arizona GOP politicians to react swiftly with huffy statements wherein they “scoffed” and expressed the profound butthurtedness they felt over Obama slighting Arizona: “This is not surprising considering he made the same evolution in 2008,” the […]

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, John McCain is yet another cheap labor conservative.

Oh yeah, I heard for years from fellow progressives how John McCain was “good on immigration”. Just like Jeff Flake and Lindsay Graham and a few others. No they’re not, I’d argue, they want cheap labor for their big donors in the agriculture, construction, and hospitality industries. This would invariably lead to an argument. I […]

(Pretend it’s) Tuesday Energy Blogging: Arizona’s Climate Zombies

Sorry, I was out of town for a couple of days and I’d already missed my energy post for the week. RL Miller of Grist.org had a well-circulated piece about right wing “zombie” American politicians. They either deny climate change outright or spout gibberish such as this: Climate change has existed throughout history. We have […]

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