Kyl’s shameful grand finale

Senator Jon Kyl is retiring after this lame duck session, after which he will undoubtedly step into a lucrative lobbying career. So he has nothing to worry about vis a vis his present job. Really, he hasn’t had a thing to worry about from the time he decided this would be his last Senate term. […]

And if they’re going to be consistent about this moral exemption thing

I was trying to find a religion or common interest group with a position that was as diametrically opposed as possible to that of religions that forbid contraception to make a point. I thought about using the Shakers for my analogy but there are only three elderly members left. Belief systems that don’t allow their […]

You can’t win, ladies

So there was all this brouhaha going on about birth control coverage last week, with conservatives pretending their opposition to it was based on “religious freedom” or some such hooha. And the problem, supposedly, was that religious institutions were going to have to pay for harlots getting their sex pills uh I mean medical services […]

It’s so lame when politicians politicize the border

President Obama visited El Paso, TX to give a speech on the border and immigration today. This caused our Arizona GOP politicians to react swiftly with huffy statements wherein they “scoffed” and expressed the profound butthurtedness they felt over Obama slighting Arizona: “This is not surprising considering he made the same evolution in 2008,” the […]

They’re sex fiends.

Truly. I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to through my clothes. Y’all know what an ordeal that is. “These pants haven’t fit me in six years but if I start going to the gym regularly again…” But then there was this federal budget showdown dealio last week where the GOP […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Want high speed rail in AZ?

From PIRG today: Arizona PIRG Education Fund Releases New High Speed Rail Report Calls on State of Arizona and ADOT to Follow Through on Commitment to High Speed Rail Funding & Development Today the Arizona PIRG Education Fund released its new report The Right Track: Building a 21st Century High Speed Rail System for America […]

Much as I dislike the DINO anti-choicer, and his egregious toupee, I have to admit we could use a Ben Nelson here

Per an AP article about the Senate Conference deliberations earlier this evening: …Nebraska, Louisiana, Vermont and Massachusetts. These states are getting more federal help with Medicaid than other states. In the case of Nebraska — represented by Sen. Ben Nelson, who’s providing the critical 60th vote for the legislation to pass — the federal government […]

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