Why I’m for killing the health care bill, and why it will not be killed.

It’s not just because it’s a watered down giveaway to the insurance companies, one that mandates a large number of people to purchase a product from a private corporation with nebulous guarantees that they will get the service they are paying for but absolute guarantees that the power of the government to be brought down […]

Wherein I (belatedly) express my irritation with Jon Kyl

The fabulous Jennifer Johnson, Communications Director of the State Dem Party, sent ’round a media advisory this afternoon: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 4, 2009 Arizona Democratic Party announces 2009 Hall of Fame inductees The Arizona Democratic Party is pleased to announce its Hall of Fame inductees for 2009. The six inductees and three Chair’s Award […]

Turkeys, we got ’em.

From the state Dem party:

Stuff like this is why the blog has a category called “Conservative Misogyny”

Via Huffington Post, here’s a list of the 30 Senators (all Republican and including our own Kyl and McCain) who voted against Sen. Al Franken’s amendment that would penalize defense contractors who use mandatory arbitration clauses and other methods to discourage employees from reporting sexual assault: Franken’s amendment ended up passing, 68-30. Here’s a list […]

Because I just wanted to remind everyone once again what hypocritical tools they are

IOKIYAR Sen. Jon Kyl (-Arizona) In Office – Earmarks Requested Fiscal Year: 2008 Number Cost Solo Earmarks 3 $11,784,000 With Other Members 28 $117,338,500 All Sponsored Earmarks 31 $129,122,500 It’s all good, though.   Those earmarks have a “specific definition”, which makes them not earmarks.   Somehow.

Unsurprisingly, Kyl and McCain revealed to be a tad bit hypocritical.

Per The Washington Monthly: It’s one of the reasons I find Republican hyperventilating over the earmarks more than a little disingenuous. McCain was ranting on the floor yesterday, blaming President Obama for earmarks McCain’s fellow senators stuffed into the bill. Perhaps, before McCain castigates the White House, he can spend some time talking to his […]

T-t-talking about generational theft

I’m sort of half watching Senator McCain on CNN with John King as I toodle along on the internets this morning.  I had to pop my head up and arch my delicate Diva brow when King asked McCain if he opposed the billions of dollars that Arizona was projected to get from the stimulus.   Why, […]

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