On not taking the bait from the Bill Mahers

“Hey, Gratehouse, do you think this Victoria’s Secret catalog is sexist?“, he asked me. It was twenty some odd years ago and this was in the break room at the torpedo maintenance facility where my interlocutor, Torpedoman’s Mate Third Class Lee, and I worked in Yokusuka, Japan. This was in the dark days before online […]

Male politicians may shy away from attacking “women” but many will attack the hell out of certain women

I got asked to be on KJZZ, the Phoenix area’s public radio station, on Wednesday morning to discuss the upcoming election season and how the two major parties would be targeting female voters. This is because the National Federation of Republican Women is in town for a conference this week. I think I did okay […]

Empty gestures

While it true that most politicians of any stripe engage in empty gestures – mainly symbolic votes and proposals – modern conservatives have raised the empty gesture to an art form. Examples of this include anti-choice Republicans in the 2014 midterms pretending to support the sale of over-the-counter birth control, despite having long records of […]

Paul, honey, we pro-choicers could have told you this 30 years ago

Crossposted from BlogForArizona.net Paul Krugman’s Monday NYT column is a sharp observation of how the American Right is untethered from evidence on a wide variety of policy issues. Of course not. Evidence doesn’t matter for the “debate” over climate policy, where I put scare quotes around “debate” because, given the obvious irrelevance of logic and […]

Republican senator signals the return of SB1062 under, you guessed it, the banner of Hobby Lobby

On Monday the AZ Republic featured a pair of op-eds from a Republican State Senator and the outgoing Democratic House Minority Leader about the prospect of a reformulated SB1062 in the upcoming Arizona legislative session. Here’s Senator Nancy Barto (R) explaining why opponents of discrimination are misguided meaniebutts: To start — the vast majority of […]

Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 1.

Jose Leonardo Suarez (LD4-D) is running for Arizona State House this year. When asked how he differed from the Democratic platform at the Clean Elections primary debate, he said that he opposes marriage equality and abortion in most cases. Suarez believes life starts at conception and that rape victims should have that baby. He would […]

What about the ladies with this boycott thing?

I can’t argue with Markos Moulitsas for keeping his pledge to boycott Arizona until SB1070 is fully overturned and I doubt he’s going to be persuaded out of it, judging from the scathing statement he issued about Phoenix hosting Netroots Nation in 2015. I made very clear in the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB […]

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