Reality vs Fantasy Land in Presidential endorsements

Several newspapers across the country, including our own Arizona Republic, have weighed in on the contest between President Obama and former MA Governor Mitt Romney. What is striking about them to me is how detailed and evidence-based the endorsements of Obama are in their criticism of Romney compared to how empty and wishful the ones […]

Pro-choice IS the moderate position

mod·er·ate (mdr-t) adj. 1. Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: a moderate price. 2. Not violent or subject to extremes; mild or calm; temperate: a moderate climate. 3. a. Of medium or average quantity or extent. b. Of limited or average quality; mediocre. 4. Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially […]

The Republic’s unutterably stupid Romney endorsement

Oh hi, AZ Republic ed board, here’s a chart for you: Too bad you guys didn’t peruse the actual numbers before you barfed up your predictable endorsement of Mitt Romney. Look, if you’re going to make twaddling over the deficit and debt the centerpiece of your Presidential recommendation it would make sense to consider how […]

So tired of this

Last night’s Presidential debate was surprisingly good considering all the questions came from “undecided” voters. That was likely due to some of the voters not seeming to be undecided at all. Mitt Romney, naturally, said a few things at the debate last night that a lot of women took issue with. He couldn’t help himself. […]

Obama did just fine in that debate

Granted, I watched the debate at a bar with a group of Democrats so it was a biased crowd but I and many of my viewing companions did not see this Obama debacle that so many others did. I was live tweeting it, and from all the blubbering and moaning I was seeing online you […]

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul runs a political consulting firm here in AZ called Lincoln Strategies, where he makes a pile of money advising Republican candidates. Sproul is known for dirty tricks and he garnered national attention back in 2004 when he ran this thing called Voter Outreach of America. Except he possibly didn’t want to reach out […]

Intellectual Conservative tut tuts over bad language

Shorter Intellectual Conservative: Every time you drop an F bomb a welfare queen is born! I’ve written on this blog about how right wingers like to preen about how virtuous they are because they don’t swear (at least not in front of the servants). Proving my point, “Intellectual Conservative” blogger Rachel Alexander devotes several paragraphs […]

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