If white privilege, and male privilege, and white male privilege, don’t exist, why do things like this keep happening?

Below is a tale of two AZ legislators. Ceci Velasquez is a former Democratic Arizona State Representative from LD29 (West Phoenix). In 2016, Velasquez was forced to end her reelection campaign when it was revealed she had been charged with misusing food stamps. Velasquez pleaded guilty Oct. 25 to a misdemeanor count of unlawfully using […]

Yes, Roe v Wade will be overturned soon. Yes, they can put you in jail for a miscarriage in Arizona once that happens. Here’s how.

In 2017, a Tennessee woman was charged under that state’s abortion ban. 2017, not 1917. Started thinking about writing this article, in the way I have done it, when I had a conversation with our 22 year old legal assistant about Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court, and Arizona’s trigger law A.R.S. 13-3604, which becomes […]

Calling all Independents

Hey, Independents! This message is for you! Our Democratic Candidates are craving your vote right now, like really craving it. They’ve got these win numbers they need to hit to make it out of the Primary alive, and you’re one way for them to get it. Typical Independent Voter: But how can I vote in […]

The Beauty of the Single Shot

Holy hell, there are a lot of crazy primaries going on right now. Without commenting on any specific primaries, I want to talk to you all about the beauty of the single shot for multi-seat races*. I know, I know, you’re rule followers at heart, so when it says Vote for 2, you vote for […]

So you think this election’s about you

With “Fight Song” playing in the background and memories from 2016 showing up on my FB feed, I’m reliving my time as a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. Philadelphia. July. 2016. It was hot and sweaty, oppressive for this used-to-the-dry-heat Arizona native, but being there, in the City of Brotherly Love, […]

What a Little Research Reveals: Wikileaks Podesta Emails from 6/2016 through 11/2016

With her usual edgy and brilliant commentary (aka, acerbic wit), Donna captured the disturbing media coverage of Podesta’s hacked emails. I’ve re-posted the first round of Donna’s research here in its entirety. I encourage you to switch over to Twitter to read the rest and the comments. Did a google search of "Wikileaks Podesta emails" […]

I marched! Now what?

You’ve marched for women. You’ve marched for your lives. You’re wearing #RedForEd. Now what? Here are a couple of short lists of things you can do that make a big impact. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive, but feel free to leave your feedback about what I missed in the comments. Fight where […]

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