Bigots don’t necessarily take vows of poverty

Screenshot: Fusion TV Ann Coulter is one of those right wing demagogues with a high public profile who attracts a strange sort of – almost what you’d call a defense of her – that she’s just in it for the money! There’s a belief among many liberals that because she lives a cosmopolitan life split […]

Top Two Primary is back, with twice the magical thinking.

Photo: Arizona Capitol Times As promised, the brain trust of Arizona centrist business establishment types (country club Republicans and corporate Dems) that failed to pass Prop 121 in 2012 plan to return with a slightly altered version of it in 2016. Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, who led the campaign for Proposition 121 and is […]

Why has Shawnna Bolick removed her previous employment with Rick Santorum from her campaign website?

Y u no wanna namecheck me anymore Shawnna? AZ Representative Dr. Eric Meyer (D-28) sent out a statement calling on his Republican opponent Shawnna Bolick to denounce Russell Pearce for his recent comments extolling forced sterilization of poor women. Pearce had proudly endorsed Bolick, even going so far as to recommend single-shotting her. Bolick responded […]

They’re shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Let’s say you are Sean Noble, a Koch-ed up dark money operative who has been the focus of some negative attention for your activities. You’d probably prefer to be known for something else in the midst of a heated general election cycle in Arizona, where you are the manager of the GOP candidate for Attorney […]

Sham Cesar Chavez candidate demonstrates the importance of partisans

The candidate named Cesar Chavez, running in the Congressional primary in AZ CD7, has been revealed to be a guy formerly named Scott Fistler who was a Republican until recently and had sought other offices in the past as a member of that party. After petitioning a state superior court last November and paying $319, […]

“Both parties suck! Wah! Why won’t you Democrats fix it?!”

Laurie Roberts at the AZ Republic is beside herself that the well-heeled proponents of the dumb Top Two Primary idea are, as she delightedly exclaims, baaaaaack. It’s baaaaaack: Top-two primary 2.0 About now is the time you start thinking it. Who elected these clowns, you ask, as you read about the serious business being conducted […]

Moderate Republican Arizona State Senators voting ever so moderately

I keep being told there are some Republicans in the Arizona legislature who are so gosh darn nice and reasonable and moderate deep down inside. They really, honesty, truly want to do well by the people of Arizona! But they are forced – forced! – to vote badly by the evil menace of Grover Norquist […]

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