Brain trust trying to recall Chad Campbell

Oh this is cute: Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, could face a recall election… …Former unsuccessful legislative candidate Bob Thomas of Phoenix, who is involved with the recall committee, called Fire Representative Chad Campbell, said: “People are concerned about some of the issues he’s been promoting. The list (of issues) is too long […]

Unpacking the election

As in 2008, last night was a bittersweet night for Arizona progressives. A Presidential victory and good Senate race outcome nationwide but not so much here. Let’s take on some of the bitter first: Dr. Rich Carmona’s loss to Congressman Jeff Flake wasn’t surprising since he was behind in the polls, but it was a […]

Adam Driggs: Another non-moderate “moderate” Republican

I blog and comment about the LD26 race in Tempe and the LD18 race in Ahwatukee/Chandler so often that one could be forgiven for thinking I still live on that side of town. The truth is I moved to North Central Phoenix nearly 3 years ago. Pre-redistricting, I was represented by Adam Driggs (R) in […]

The pitfalls of thinking that “moderate” Republicans will save us

In his blog yesterday, AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb noted that Sen. Jerry Lewis, who is running as a moderate Republican in the newly redistricted LD26 (Tempe/Mesa) switched his no vote to a yes on the bill that put Prop 120 on the ballot. Referred to the ballot by the Legislature, Prop. 120 tries to […]

Liberal dudes and their mancrushes on Jerry Lewis

It’s plainly obvious that the mainstream media in the Phoenix area is totally in the tank for Republican Jerry Lewis in his state senate race against Democrat Ed Ableser in a Dem leaning Tempe district. Columnists have endorsed him and major newspapers are running flattering coverage of Lewis’s campaign gimmick uh proposal to rein in […]

If you’re going to insist they’re “moderate” it would be nice if they were, you know, moderate

Back in 2011 when Mesa businessman Jerry Lewis was recruited to run against then Senate President Russell Pearce in the recall race for then LD18, he was generally described as a “conservative Republican” but nicer and not virulently anti-immigrant. Democrats were discouraged from running in the recall and the Democrat who did file was exposed […]

Why dekookification may prove to be more difficult than Laurie Roberts thinks

Jon Talton’s latest post on his Rogue Columnist blog is an incisive historical analysis of Arizona’s political dysfunction. Definitely commit to reading the whole thing if, like me, you are inclined to groan at the first sentence: I’m glad to see my former Arizona Republic colleague Laurie Roberts carrying on a little of my work […]

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