Pandering on immigration: It’s Okay If You Are Republican!

Per yesterdays AZ Republic editorial: Which brings us to former Democratic Sen. Dennis DeConcini’s testimony. Who, exactly, authorized DeConcini to “apologize” before Congress for his state’s behavior? A member of the Senate for 18 years, the Tucson native had a great opportunity, a national stage, to instruct Schumer and Congress on the consequences of their […]

There’s no more excuse for MSM denialism on ALEC

My dear friend Diane D’Angelo, who by the way is an outstanding correspondent on Arizona for Huffington Post, wrote on Facebook yesterday that a Capitol Times reporter asked her if she really thought ALEC wrote laws for GOP legislators in Arizona. I’m now looking for someone to suture my tongue together, quoth Diane about that. […]

Tomorrow is a big day!

We’ve been moving all weekend so I didn’t have a chance to post and I’m exhausted from it all so I don’t have the energy to opine about everything (and it’s quite a lot) going on in AZ. But allow me to take this moment to express hope and confidence that the following will happen […]

Ciphers, the lot of them

ci·pher noun, often attributive \ˈsī-fər\ Definition of CIPHER 1 a : zero 1a b : one that has no weight, worth, or influence : nonentity So much going on today! Hard to pick what to write about. Let’s see: The independent redistricting outrage (public meeting going on in Scottsdale as we speak, with many of […]

This week in Center for Arizona Policy: Who would Jesus card check?

My google alert for CAP popped up and one of the links was to CAP President Cathi Herrod’s weekly digest “5 Minutes for Families – Exclusive Insight for Arizona Families”. In this week’s installment Cathi discussed: How everyone should continue a Down’s Syndrome pregnancy because it seems to be working out for the families choosing […]

A note to non-Arizonans covering the Pearce recall

Rachel Maddow opened her show tonight with coverage of the Pearce recall and sham-candidate-turned-ex-candidate-but-still-on-the-ballot Olivia Cortes. Which was awesome. Others, like Talking Points Memo, have picked up the story as well. Again, awesome. But both Rachel and TPM’s Jillian Rayfield made an understandable (given AZ’s recent legislative history) but false assumption about the recall campaign. […]

Russell Pearce has always been who the NFIB thought he was.

I begin with another installment of What Tedski Said: So, let’s reiterate: if we get rid of that Clean Elections system, we’ll have fewer extremists (who, of course, are on both sides) in the legislature. This is true on the Republican side because responsible business leaders will weigh in and become a moderate, pragmatic force […]

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