Phoenix has a new Mayor

Mark and I went to the City of Phoenix Inauguration this morning, in which Mayor Greg Stanton and four newly elected City Council Members were sworn in. Stanton’s remarks concluded the event and I thought the speech hit all the notes that needed hitting. He spoke of collaboration and progress in commerce, education, and sustainability. […]

Tomorrow is a big day!

We’ve been moving all weekend so I didn’t have a chance to post and I’m exhausted from it all so I don’t have the energy to opine about everything (and it’s quite a lot) going on in AZ. But allow me to take this moment to express hope and confidence that the following will happen […]

Well, well, well, what have we here?

First off, let me make a slight correction to yesterday’s post. It wasn’t Wes Gullett’s campaign itself that sent out the offensive mailer suggesting that being endorsed by a LGBT organization was a bad thing. It was those class acts and princes among men over at the AZ GOP who were responsible for it. As […]

Republican thinking explained via Venn Diagram

The Greg Stanton camp and Equality Arizona have denounced Wes Gullett’s campaign, and rightly so, for sending out a flyer only mentioning two of the many groups endorsing Stanton for Mayor of Phoenix – the AFL-CIO and Equality Arizona – and suggesting that those two endorsements make him unfit for office. Dear Donna When my […]

Yeah, Bob Robb, everyone HATES cops and firefighters.

Greg Stanton is ahead by 20 points in every poll of the Phoenix race but he’s going to lose, says Republic columnist Bob Robb because outgoing Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed him and so have police and firefighters! One of the questions surrounding this year’s mayoral election is the extent to which the electorate is worried […]

Wes Gullett’s unkind past dealings with South Phoenix

I moved to Arizona in 1997 so I wasn’t familiar with the 1992 Quality Printed Circuits fire in South Phoenix until recently. This website from the ’90s, Don’t Waste Arizona, details the incident and the background and also how the community organized to fight back against government inaction in the face of a dangerous health […]

EJ Montini: Concern troll

Oh puke. She has been a picture of grace and strength, an untainted symbol of resilience, recovery and hope. Admiration for her crosses party lines. Why swim from the clear swift water of universal appeal to the muddy banks of partisanship if you don’t have to? And Giffords doesn’t have to. Particularly not in a […]

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