Call your Rep and Senators Flake and McCain, now!

I’m old enough to remember the outraged protests from the right against the Affordable Care Act as it made its way through Congress to President Obama in 2009-10. It was being shoved down our throats, we were told. No one voting on the bill had really read it, supposedly. Tyranny! A number of House members […]

Sorry Republicans, the Honduran refugees aren’t this year’s “headless bodies”

On Tuesday morning, some goobers in Arizona thought they were going to repeat what goobers in Murrieta, CA did last week, when they got a bus full of refugees from Honduras to turn around, and border agents to stop sending anymore migrant children through their community, by being screaming assholes. Sadly for the Arizona effort, […]

Really, when they say who they are, believe them.

Craig McDermott captured an interesting thing Rep. Steve Smith said Tuesday about a ridonkulous bill before the Arizona Legislature, that prevents the evil Federal Government from sapping our Stately essences. Or something. Per Craig: The text of his “explanation” (emphasis added) – Mr. Speaker, I think just since we’re talking a little bit about history, […]

Personhood has come to Arizona!

Okay, people, did I not tell you the other day that being vigilant about reproductive justice is important? Personhood has reared its head in Arizona. 2010 was the year Arizona voters lost their damn minds and sent a bunch of reactionary whackaloons to the Arizona Legislature, essentially to show that Kenyan Usurper in the White […]

They are Fast and Furious with the red herring. And that’s too bad.

I get regular email updates from several GOP politicians in Arizona, including my own Representative Ben Quayle. Earlier this afternoon I received a mass email from him demanding US Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation for “the Fast and Furious debacle”. After questioning the attorney general and listening to his responses during the December 8 Judiciary […]

This is exactly how it started with Arpaio

A facebook friend made the astute observation today that the Valley news media have been giving Pinal County Sheriff Babeu the same kind of fawning, obsequious coverage they had given Sheriff Arpaio for years. This uncritical reporting, which at times was difficult to distinguish from outright PR flacking, helped enable Arpaio to run a massively […]

This Clean Elections Publicity statement is made of win!

Okay, so there are two Republicans vying for State Senate in LD23. Steve Smith is the boilerplate Tea Party candidate: Booooooorrring. Luckily there’s a snazzier choice in Matt Byers. It gets funnier every time you read it. Try it in different voices. Matt Byers, you are the single greatest thing to happen to Clean Elections. […]

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