Brief recap of DNC meeting in Phoenix

For a thorough accounting of the DNC Meeting last Saturday in Phoenix, (or at least the most important part, the DNC Chair Forum) Elizabeth Rogers at Crooks and Liars has you covered. I helped a little with it and suggest you read it to provide context for these follow-up takeaways of mine. I had every […]

Man, the chutzpah on Catherine Miranda!

Here is another example of the kind of deceptive mailers going out for Catherine Miranda in LD27 in South Phoenix. This time it’s from Miranda’s own campaign. Michelle Obama? I doubt the First Lady would approve the use of her image and quote from her strirring appeal to equality and progress in Philly at the […]

That time Jerry Emmett set me straight

Photo: Miriam Wasser, Phoenix New Times Easily one of the coolest moments of Tuesday night was when it was the Arizona delegation’s turn to announce its vote totals. Per The Guardian: Clinton was formally nominated as the Democratic candidate after a roll call of the states in the Philadelphia arena. And in a tender moment, […]

What we’re up against.

I haven’t been able to post in several days because (IRONICALLY!) Democratic Diva had been hacked. So I haven’t been able to address this DNC email hacking thing until now. It appears to be Russian instigators trying to help Trump get elected to benefit Putin, aided by Wikileaks, (wonderful bunch of guys who like to […]

Can you please not, The Left, with this?

Clintonism caused the rise of Trump. Another Clinton presidency will only make it worse. Lesser evil merely paves the way to greater evil. — Dr. Jill Stein (@DrJillStein) July 4, 2016 Every time Jill Stein opens her mouth I'm reminded how shoulder to shoulder LWNJs & RWNJs sit. Politics is a circle. — Jennifer […]

Why is it the DNC’s fault that young people aren’t voting?

Looks like most of us have some ‘splainin’ to do about our voting regularity I've tried to understand the DNC's strategy to engage younger voters and I'm at a loss. — deray mckesson (@deray) June 19, 2016 DeRay Mckesson is a great activist, who is running for Mayor of Baltimore under a platform of civil […]

How I helped “steal” California for Hillary Clinton

Joanna Castle Miller’s post on the shyness of Hillary Clinton supporters has gone viral: The point in the last paragraph about no obvious support for Clinton on social media also describes the basis upon which I’ve seen people posit that she must be stealing the election. “I don’t know anyone who supports her!”, declares more […]

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