Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul runs a political consulting firm here in AZ called Lincoln Strategies, where he makes a pile of money advising Republican candidates. Sproul is known for dirty tricks and he garnered national attention back in 2004 when he ran this thing called Voter Outreach of America. Except he possibly didn’t want to reach out […]

Intellectual Conservative tut tuts over bad language

Shorter Intellectual Conservative: Every time you drop an F bomb a welfare queen is born! I’ve written on this blog about how right wingers like to preen about how virtuous they are because they don’t swear (at least not in front of the servants). Proving my point, “Intellectual Conservative” blogger Rachel Alexander devotes several paragraphs […]

Jeff Flake’s campaign is basically calling the election for Obama

Why else would they create a Twitter account accusing Dr. Richard Carmona of being a “rubberstamp” for President Obama? Either someone forgot to tell them this isn’t a mid-term but a Presidential year or they simply aren’t very confident in Mitt Romney’s chances. Speaking of which, is Flake going to distance himself from Romney’s 47% […]

Well today was sure a banner day in racism, huh?

Mitt Romney coming out as a Birther today at a rally in Michigan drew some deservedly sharp rebukes on the internets. Of course, it also drew out the kind of petulant defensiveness I’ve grown to expect from my Republican associates. Here’s a sampling of tweets I got: empowering stupidity by engaging with stupidity not only […]

My God, that’s all they talk about!

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh’s recent buffoonery is an example of a type of IOKIYAR that should forever be in a category of it’s own. Rep. Joe Walsh’s Facebook page is flooded with negative comments today after the Illinois Republican said his opponent, Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth, was not a “true” hero because she often […]

Basically anything is IOKIYAR now

Lawrence O’Donnell broke a huge story about Mitt Romney on MSNBC Thursday. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy It goes without saying that if the revelation had been that of a young Barack Obama who liked to dress up in a state trooper’s uniform and slap a flashing light […]

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