Whereas we were totally okay with wild intemperance in all these other offices

***I was working on this post before I saw the news that Andy Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon got disbarred. Huzzah! As you were…*** So, Greg Patterson, AKA well-known blogger Espresso Pundit, has been nominated for a spot on the Arizona Board of Regents. This has, understandably, caused garment rending and teeth gnashing in many quarters […]

Of course, the problem is on “both sides”.

AZ Republic Political Insider couldn’t resist the false equivalence in covering yesterday morning’s morning’s press conference at the State Capitol, where Democratic lawmakers called attention to HB2625, the crazy anti-contraception bill that the “pro-life” GOP majority is pushing. It being a press conference, the people presenting it used strong language to get their point across. […]

Seasoned political operatives don’t just blurt things out.

Here’s what Chuck Coughlin’s own website says about him: A frequent contributor of opinion columns in Arizona and other national publications, Coughlin is an accomplished writer and speaker on national and Arizona political topics; including illegal immigration, campaign finance, infrastructure, education and campaign strategy. Coughlin was asked to serve by then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer […]

Refusing to debate or answer questions is a sign of arrogance, not strength

Jan Brewer won’t do another debate with Terry Goddard and she refuses interviews with unfriendly reporters. Ben Quayle has yet to agree to a debate with his CD3 opponent Jon Hulburd and is shying away from the press. Ditto Paul Gosar of CD1 and Jesse Kelly of CD8. State Senate candidate (LD17) Wendy Rogers was […]

Arizona Republic bashes unions on Labor Day weekend

Classy. I guess for the encore we can expect an editorial criticizing military benefits on Veterans Day. Today’s editorial was basically the Republic repeating Arizona GOP talking points about unions and Democrats. I suppose they didn’t want it to be too obvious so they added a lugubrious dose of concern trolling about low wage workers […]

U.S. Chamber files brief in opposition to AZ employer sanctions law. Well, isn’t that special.

Today’s Yellow Sheet announced that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed a 71 page brief challenging the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act. The sanctions law has been upheld in appeals so far but the Low Taxes and Cheap Labor for the Rich Lobby Chamber really, really wants to get the law before the Supreme Court […]

With all due respect to Terry, one debate was enough.

I don’t blame Terry Goddard for challenging Jan Brewer to a series of debates but I don’t see the point. If Brewer agreed to another debate it immediately sets up the IOKIYAR Lowered Expectations Mulligan. You know what I’m talking about: When a Republican faceplants in a debate, because he/she is a Republican everyone decides […]

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