White Arizonans will show us who they are this election

Only redeeming feature of Trump's candidacy is that it shows you who people are, for good or for ill. This is great. https://t.co/YQQNqFQ3Ue — Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) November 7, 2016 Fucking trolls took the blog down again a few weeks ago so I was unable to post until now. Which turned out to be okay […]

The problem is Republicans, not our political system

When you vote for a Republican, up or down ballot, this is the kind of utter crap you're risking. https://t.co/MnucCt2BCi — HawaiiDelilah (@HawaiiDelilah) August 9, 2016 Word. The above tweet is about as good an explanation as it gets for why I don’t vote for any Republicans. And Trump surrogates are not the only people […]

Don’t coopt the voting rights movement to whine, “independent” voters.

Lots of people who refuse to sully themselves with party membership are furious that they can't influence the party's leadership today! — Donna Gratehouse (@DonnaDiva) April 19, 2016 Wherein I express my annoyance with a certain type of holier-than-thou “independent” voter” The New York primary took place Tuesday and a big story about it, at […]

Diligent voters are now the “angriest mob”, per Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, Open and Honest Coalition It used to be, not long ago, that voters who never missed any election were known as “good citizens”. But as the country has become more polarized and increasingly ungovernable, thanks entirely to one party (the GOP) being overtaken completely by rabid reactionaries, there is an increasing tendency by […]

Robert Robb is correct, but also mistaken, in his analysis of Top Two Primary.

Photo: Arizona Republic Robert Robb makes a logically consistent, persuasive, and correct argument (sort of) in favor of the 2016 Top Two Primary initiative in Arizona: The principal objective of the top-two primary initiative shouldn’t be sugarcoated. It isn’t to increase voter turnout or eliminate discriminatory barriers to independent candidates. Those might be desired byproducts. […]

Top Two Primary intends to demolish Democrats in AZ.

As I drove home Wednesday evening I caught the tail end of a recorded segment on the radio about the Top Two Primary initiative. I heard a man telling KJZZ host Steve Goldstein (I’m paraphrasing) about how Democrats have little power in state government so Hispanic voters would do well to stop aligning themselves with […]

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