My deeply, sincerely, heartfelt retraction of what I said about Jason Rose

I got a comment to my last post that appears to be from Jason Rose at Rose Allyn PR, and I hope it is since it’s his email address. So without further ado, I hereby retract the part of my statement where I said that Jason Rose’s staffers are monitoring and spamming blogs on behalf […]

A special message to any Jason Rose staffers who may be reading this blog.

It’s been brought to my attention that interns and employees of Rose and Allyn Public Relations are monitoring websites and blogs so they can spam the comments sections of articles about the Phoenix City Council election on behalf of their client, Sal DiCiccio. Rose, as many of y’all are aware, is the garish local PR […]

I’ll let cartoonist Tom Tomorrow explain it to commenter “Michael”

Michael had a question for us liberals regarding our “hypocrisy” because we don’t give the screeching teabaggers the respect they are due at town halls. Why is it so abhorrent to democrats that Republican concerns be heard? Why no comment on how Obama supporters are being given professional signs and instructions to drown out those […]

Tom Horne sought worship from public school students in 2006, adopted a reverent approach to GWB

I’m still irritated by Tom Horne’s concern-trolling of the President’s address to public school students. HORNE CRITICAL OF WORSHIPFUL TONE EXPECTED OF SCHOOL CHILDREN LISTENING TO OBAMA’S SPEECH PHOENIX (Thursday, September 3, 2009) — State School Superintendent Tom Horne has raised questions about a White House effort to have students in schools watch a speech […]

Tom Horne, concern troll.

When President GHW Bush addressed the nation’s public school students back in 1991, the Democrats, as political parties are wont to do, made a fuss and accused him of campaigning in the classroom. As far as I know the speech still went on and no children were traumatized or brainwashed. When it was announced that […]

Speed limits are man’s law but IOKIYAR is God’s law.

Let’s review: IOKIYAR So Andrew Thomas hasn’t decided if he wants to prosecute hot-rodder Brett Mecum or not. Mecum was allegedly snapped doing 109mph by photo radar on the 101 back in April but since Republicans ought never be held responsible for anything they do, ever, some of his supporters have characterized his arrest as […]

FYI to Trolls

When you comment using a fake email address it gets stuck in the moderation queue. That means it could be several hours or even days before you will be able to enjoy your scathing bon mots. Use a real email address and you will see them immediately. Of course, that will make it harder for […]

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