Well-read right wing blog links to us in paranoid screed.

I checked Technorati to see who’s been digging on the Divas (ranked 403,191st!) and I found that we’d been linked to Protein Wisdom (ranked 3496th). It’s not an outright quote but a hot link to the word misogyny in this phrase: Yet somehow it is those who have taken the definition as provided at face […]

Better trolls, please

To the person who posted the 4 nasty messages to me, I’d strongly suggest you get some help for your pathetic (and boring) Bill Clinton obsession. 

Get your awestruck self down to Dobson HS tomorrow if you wanna see Obama

The post title is in honor of a recent Democratic Diva commenter Bill: I love how awestruck you are with democrats. If you grew up in Illinois, I bet your blog would have been saying the same stuff about Rod Blagojevich, back when he was a house member… They’re all honest, until they get caught. […]

I got a concern troll of my very own last night.

How exciting for me! It was a response by someone calling himself “indyvoter” on this post: For what it’s worth, I don’t think that just because a woman has written these posts that they have to be honey sweet. And I do understand that politics is much more confrontational than selling deodorant or real estate. […]

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