AZ Democratic caucus acting like a damn opposition party! Yay!

AZ Sen. Barbara McGuire The Arizona legislative session began last week and, as has been the case for most of the past decade or five, the Democrats are in the minority. If you pay attention to the doings at 1700 W. Washington St. you know that being the opposition party means that Democratic lawmakers, armed […]

Anti-pot arguments continue to be disingenuous

Photo: AZ Republic My Turn Lisa James, who chairs Just Vote No (which opposes legalizing marijuana in Arizona), had a My Turn column in Monday’s Arizona Republic, wherein she asserts that passing a proposition to legalize pot in Arizona will lead inexorably to mass addictions, wasted lives, and death. E.J. Montini’s recent blog, “Did marijuana […]

AZ anti-pot nannies are skirting the law to scare voters, but it may not work

Pew Research, March 2015 Per Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services: In a new formal opinion, [AZ Attorney General] Brnovich acknowledged there are laws prohibiting the use of public funds to influence the outcome of elections — a restriction he noted that applies even before a proposal has qualified for the ballot. But Brnovich said […]

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