Cathi Herrod denies theocratic goals of Center For Arizona Policy; bears false witness while doing so.

20 Feb 2011 10:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

Herrod’s editorial in the Daily Star Saturday took issue with the (shocking!) observation that CAP has a religious agenda which it is imposing on Arizonans via legislation.

The family is at the very foundation of our society. The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) promotes and defends foundational principles impacting Arizona families.

Each CAP-supported legislative proposal addresses a specific problem facing families, and each solution we work on with the Legislature is backed by credible social-science data and public-policy principles.
One of the most common and disappointing attacks from those who oppose family values is that CAP’s stances are based purely on a “fundamentalist, right-wing ideology.” The fact is, it’s easier for people like Dr. Shapiro and the Center for Inquiry to make baseless claims than to debate us on the merits of the issues.

Only thing is, I don’t recall inviting CAP into my family business, do you? And I don’t care what studies Herrod trots out, what she and her group are doing walks and quacks like theocracy.

For example, this session CAP is supporting a bill to ensure that women considering an abortion have the right to have an ultrasound exam and view the results before any procedure is performed.

This bill is critical for the health and safety of women for a variety of reasons. Abortion is a decision fraught with consequences, and not just for the preborn child. A study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found women who have abortions are at a greater risk for 12 different mental-health disorders, including PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Herrod’s description of the ultrasound bill is simply dishonest. Women are required to view an ultrasound, or listen to the doctor describe it. The stuff about mental health issues and abortion may prove correlation, but not causation. I’d hazard a guess that at least some of the stress suffered by abortion patients might be due to religious extremists screaming that abortion is murder in front of the clinic.

Herrod dissembles again:

Other CAP-supported bills seek to ensure that our country’s first freedom – the freedom to freely exercise one’s religious beliefs – is protected in our state law. In particular, one CAP-supported bill responds to a recent incident with a Tucson resident’s application to serve on the Independent Redistricting Commission. The application was denied, and a member of the selection committee cited the applicant’s involvement in a religious organization as a disqualifier. This is in direct contradiction of our constitutionally protected right to freely practice religion.

Bullfeathers. He was rejected because of failing to make required financial disclosures and the reference to his religious organization had to do with his association with Congressional candidate Jesse Kelly.

CAP is an extremely influential politically lobby in Arizona and is part of the national network of the Colorado based Focus on the Family. I have blogged about the connection but the local news media never mention it in coverage of CAP’s activities. How would most Arizonans react to knowing that many of the bills coming out of the state legislature are the work of a group led by televangelist Dr. James Dobson, who endorses some really skeevy ideas about childrearing which include fathers showering with their sons to prevent them from turning gay?

Edit to add: Commenter Steve notes that there are some great comments to the piece. One of them quoted directly from CAP’s website:

Our vision is to see the state of Arizona transformed by the influence of churches and pastors as they stand together for righteousness, preach the truth, and serve as the moral conscience of society.

Yeah, no theocracy there.

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  1. Comment by todd on February 20, 2011 10:33 pm

    FYI , there is really no correlation even

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