Cathi Herrod’s very bad, no good week continues!

01 Jul 2016 02:49 pm
Posted by: Donna


Cathi Herrod, who heads the execrable Religious Right organization the Center for Arizona Policy, is a bigoted and contemptible human being, as we all know. But I have to say that I’ve always had a sort of grudging respect for her ability to remain resolute and unruffled even in the face of enormous amounts of (well deserved) public scorn. While I have heard numerous times that Herrod has an explosive temper behind closed doors, I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen her lose her composure in public.

She did respond to her critics after the 2014 election, in the most passive aggressive manner possible, through a now-infamous softball interview on Channel 12 Phoenix with then-anchor Lin Sue Cooney (warning: autoplay video at the link). But it seems the Supreme Court Texas abortion clinic ruling has really caused Cathi Herrod to flip her shit for all to see.

Herrod decided the other day that it was a good idea to respond to a column in the Scottsdale Independent by Angela Hughey, President of the pro-LGBT organization ONE Community. Hughey’s column was a heartfelt plea after the Orlando massacre to homophobes to stop perpetuating a “climate in this country that breeds anti-LGBT hate and demonstrative actions”. And she (rightly) called out CAP and the Alliance Defending Freedom (the right wing legal arm of CAP) for their crusade against LGBT rights.

The tl:dr version of Herrod’s rebuttal is her whining that Hughey is mean and why can’t the gays and other perverts find common ground with her people over the radical Islams being the worst and also, too, Christians should still be able to discriminate against whomever they want because freedom America.

But if you want to read the entire incoherent word salad of grievance and references to things most people aren’t following, enjoy!

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