Celebrate Roe v. Wade with Planned Parenthood

26 Feb 2009 12:02 am
Posted by: Krista

Special thanks to Donna for that informative blog post detailing the anti-choice agenda of our lovely legislators. If you’re as worked up as the rest of us, let me suggest you attend the Planned Parenthood luncheon on Friday, February 27th. It sounds like it’ll be a great event. I haven’t bought a ticket, but I’d like to go. It’s just difficult to take a three hour break in the middle of the day, and I’ve got very little left in the way of vacation time. So, I figure I have another day to decide whether I can make it or not. We’ll see :) For more details, check out the Planned Parenthood invite.

HB2564 is heading to the house floor. Of course, it’s a ludicrous bill. NPR had a blurb about it this evening. Rep. Nancy Barto was blathering on about how beneficial it is to women because it gives women more information about their options. As if women casually wake up and think, “I’m going to have an abortion today!” Come on, Nancy. This isn’t a trip to the spa. This is a serious decision, just as any other medical procedure is a serious decision. Women are quite capable of doing their own research and making their own decisions without their government’s imposed 24-hour waiting period.

I know I’m not writing anything you haven’t heard or thought before, but this issue makes my blood boil. It also makes me particularly peevish towards Napolitano for leaving us in this mess. However, azcentral’s story on this bill indicated that Brewer wasn’t as far right wrong as her legislative cohorts. At least, that’s how it sounded. The government must have imposed a 24-hour waiting period on the Arizona Republic’s editors because the writing was particularly confusing. Not that I’m the grammar police or anything. Check it out for yourself:

But Brewer said in a 2006 candidate survey that she favored prohibiting abortion except when the woman’s life is in danger and requiring mandatory disclosures and a 24-hour waiting period for abortions.

So, at least one Republican in power allows for exceptions for a woman’s life.


  1. Comment by Naomi on February 26, 2009 9:57 am

    Wonderfully articulated. And I agree 100% with 100% of what you’re saying.

  2. Comment by OhitsUBob on February 27, 2009 7:41 am

    Abortion is murder – period.

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