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09 Mar 2008 11:47 am
Posted by: Pam

Hey there all you divas!  Dana, your posts from TX are terrific, and Krista, I am DELIGHTED you are running for the House in LD-23.  I hope all you readers know how hard Krista worked in 2006 for the Democratic nomination for this seat — she roller-bladed over much of the district and probably talked to every Democratic voter.  Krista is the new face of AZ — her grandparents and parents have worked in the fields here and taught school, and she now works in the high-tech industry and grows her hair long so that she can contribute it to “locks of love.”  Krista is incredible. There is a pretty impressive group of Democratic women running for office this year.  Kudos to us all for building the momentum and creating an environment in which strong women thrive! Speaking of strong women, I do want to write a bit about my gal Hillary.  Dana’s posts are so inspiring, but I have to admit my first priority is to make sure the Dems win the White House in November.  Prior to Tuesday night’s results, I had kind of been resigning myself to Obama since the longer this fight between the two drags out, the worse the Democratic party is (I don’t know if you saw the piece earlier this week about DNC fundraising versus RNC fundraising — they have us skunked!).  We simply have to win in 2008! Then Hillary won on Tuesday.  She demonstrated the grit and the fighting spirit we have so long lacked in the Democratic party.  She was on the mat and being left for dead, and she rose up and punched out her opponent — amazing!  What a fantastic story for us Democrats and for women — you just don’t give up, and you keep doing the very best you can do.  And WOMEN were who put Hillary over the top again.  Close to 60% of the voters in Ohio and Texas were women, who overwhelmingly supported our gal. I fell in love with Hillary all over again.  And I truly believe in the power of women to change the course of events. Dana has the great idea of traveling to Pennsylvania with her mom, so I called my mom after the win on Tuesday, and she’s going to join my sisters and me in Allentown, where one of my sisters lives, and we’re going to go door-knock and make phone calls.  My mom is thrilled to be politicking again (she and my dad took me to peace marches in Washington when I was a child), and my sisters love the idea of us all working to elect our first woman President. Hope to see you in PA! Pam Sutherland 


  1. Comment by Yoyo on March 10, 2008 7:40 pm

    How good Are experienced presidents, anyway? Suppose you had to choose between two Presidential candidates, one of whom had spent 20 years in Congress plus had considerable other relevant experience and the other of whom had about half a dozen years in the Illinois state legislature and 2 years in Congress. Which one do you think would make a better President? If you chose #1, congratulations, you picked James Buchanan over Abraham Lincoln. Your pick disagrees with that of most historians, who see Lincoln as the greatest President ever and Buchanan as the second worst ever, better only than Warren “Teapot Dome” Harding. Both served in what was probably the most difficult period in American history, where slavery and secession tore the nation asunder.

  2. Comment by Krista on March 12, 2008 12:46 pm

    Thanks, Pam! I’m ready to strap the rollerblades back on :)

  3. Comment by Liza on March 13, 2008 3:37 pm

    Your gal Hillary is, at the end of the day, a dirty politician willing to slime and smear and smash whatever is in the way of her obsession with being the president regardless of the cost.

    She has lost to Obama already by any metric employed.

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