C’mon, she was just buzzed!

27 Oct 2010 05:03 pm
Posted by: Donna

From the KPHO CBS 5 website just a few minutes ago.

The report describes how Brewer rear-ended a van while on Interstate 17 on May 4, 1988.
Below are more details outlined in the report:
Brewer told police several different stories as to how the crash happened.
Brewer said she had only one scotch but later admitted to having two.
The officer on the scene believed Brewer was intoxicated.
Officer smelled alcohol on her breath and observed bloodshot eyes and flushed cheeks.
Brewer failed several field sobriety tests.
Brewer was handcuffed and told she was under arrest for driving while intoxicated.
She was then taken to a DPS station to have her blood alcohol taken. The test was never administered.
Officers told Brewer that as a state senator she had immunity from arrest.
Two officers drove her home and no charges were ever filed.

Let me remind y’all of two things: 1. Jan Brewer was only in her mid 40s when this happened. It’s a youthful indiscretion. 2. IOKIYAR.

Governor Jan Brewer released this statement:

“Twenty-two years ago, in May of 1988 while I was returning home from a dinner in Phoenix, I was involved in a minor traffic accident in a construction zone on I-17. No one was injured. A Department of Public Safety officer responding to the scene felt that I may have been impaired due to alcohol. I disagreed.

“At no time did I feel I was impaired or unable to drive safely, and at no time did I ask for or seek legislative immunity, or any special treatment whatsoever. Law enforcement had every right, even twenty-two years ago, to hold me responsible if I had committed an offense. Drunk driving is a very serious issue. It is an issue I took very seriously then, and I take it very seriously now.

“I was never charged with a crime. The officers were doing their job and their report indicates I was fully cooperative and polite throughout the entire process. My record as an elected official is very clear. I am a staunch and reliable supporter of increased enforcement and penalties for drunk driving.”

Oh well, shit. The officer thought she was impaired. Jan disagreed. Folks, this is nothing more than “he said, she said”. Nothing to see, move along.

Be careful out there trick-or-treating this weekend, Divas and Divaketeers. There could be Republican politicians on the road.


  1. Comment by Matt on October 27, 2010 7:47 pm

    The Republic has not revealed who gave them a copy of this police report- only that they received it from “other sources.” There’s 2 questions I like someone to ask them:

    1) Were they in possession of Brewer’s alleged DUI report before or after they endorsed her for governor?

    2) Now that the information is out that she blew over .10 and admitted to having “a scotch” when she ran into another car, will they be retracting their endorsement?

  2. Comment by Matt on October 27, 2010 7:56 pm

    Here’s a third question I’d like to ask the Republic:

    In their endorsement of Governor brewer, they called her “a savvy, determined student of Arizona politics who has faced down hard times, both personally and politically”…

    When they interviewed the widow of the victim in the accident Brewer caused, did they ask her what her opinion of the Governor was?

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