Corp Comm Chair Pierce announces he will drink the Renewable Energy Standard’s milkshake.

24 Jan 2011 01:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

The hearing is going on now. New Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce, being the new Sheriff in town, and for no reason other than showing the treehuggers that we are not the boss of him, is reopening the December 2010 decision approving the Arizona Public Service Company (APS) Renewable Energy Implementation Plan.

APS is not pleased.

APS strongly opposes reopening Decision No. 72022 for the purposes articulated at the January 4, 2011 Staff Open Meeting. As APS understands it, the Commission’s
proposed modifications are not in response to any change of conditions that has arisen since the final decision in this matter was entered or in consideration of any other new
circumstance not contemplated when the Commission finally approved APS’s 201 1 RES Implementation Plan. Rather, the Commission seeks to reopen a final decision solely to
effectuate a contemplated post-election change in Commission policy.

Your Arizona Republican state leadership at work.

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