Credit where it’s due

26 Aug 2014 04:41 pm
Posted by: Donna

I have written a few times, and not favorably, about former Mesa Mayor and GOP candidate for AZ Governor Scott Smith. I stand by everything I’ve said. Liberals need to stop swooning over him because he’s a right wing guy, even if he doesn’t appear (at this point, anyway) to be as far off the deep end as his competitors. That said, I am impressed by the effort put forth by his supporters to engage NPD (no party designated) voters in the primary. It may not end up being enough but there was a substantial increase in the number who requested a ballot and that is a good thing. It shows that there are people making a good faith attempt to moderate the GOP and this is the right way to do it, by working within the party primary. It has more chance of succeeding than the harebrained scheme some people in this state have of changing the primary into a Top Two one, which, among other things, is an attempt to coerce Democrats into helping clean up the Republicans. The GOP caused its own problems and they’re going to have to fix them themselves.

So good luck tonight, Scott Smith. I mean that.

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